Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Lost Child, A Halloween Story

Hey there everyone! First of all, a Happy Halloween to everyone! So yeah, I know blog activity has been very slow recently but I do find time to update it at least once a month so everyone knows that the blog's still alive and stuff, I was supposedly posting a review last night but I wasn't able to finish it, so yeah, a little later for that. 

Anyway, I rarely do occasion posts like this but since my creative juices fired up last Sunday, I made a photo set that tells a spooky spooky tale. I initially planned to put dialogues like my old photostory series but the photos are actually pretty self explanatory, so yeah! Basically, it's about "what would you if you encounter a lost child in the middle of the night while walking home?" and for Araragi-kun, this is what he's done and what happened after that. With that said, please enjoy the blog's halloween special photoset! 

And that concludes the blog's Halloween special! Hope you guys enjoyed the short photo story! Once again, a Happy Halloween to you all and please, stay away from Dayos. Murakami Out!

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