Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Murakami's Updates (July '09) Part 3

Lotsa switcharoos up today.
Lol, don't mistake BRS for Miku;
they are two different beings

Well, here's a little something on what I'm doing with my hobby and some good/bad news for me which maybe the same to you, lol.

Emperor to Samurai.
Yes, yes, that gives up a clue on why Zero disappeared in my pre-order list, my impatientness had me finally replace my Zero pre-order with another notable figure, which is Uesugi Kenshin. No! Definitely not that gayish (peace to his fans) Uesugi Kenshin in Sengoku Basara, the one I got was from Sengoku Rance, a really nice rendition and this one, according to tsuki, was a limited called the white version or marked as Shiro no Gunshin at koto's website. Well, I just hope I can still snag that Zero but it won't be arriving pretty soon, IMO. Anyway, here's my latest haul.

Imagehost switcharoo!
Yes, I have recently shifted to photobucket due to two main reasons. First, school fail blocks imageshack for some unknown reason which makes me unable to view the entire things posted using imageshack. Second, imageshack has some image problems from time to time, some of your images will have a broken link from time to time and it's not fun.

Public Ecchi Photography.
Yeah, last week, I went to GH with my friend as he claims his Koto Asa long haired version. It just so happened I had my camera with me so, I asked him to open it up on the mall, we went to food court and bam, ecchi photography while people walks around us, hahaha. Why ecchi? Asa-sempai's pose is pantsu stripping from the scene where Rin accidentally opened the comfort room was Asa was inside. Haha, anyway, though it was on the food court, the food court and its lights blended well with Asa which made the photo look good. Below's one pic, my favorite of course.

Wave of figure goodies.
Well, a bunch of good figures have recently been announced to the public. And damn, I have no money to buy them, there's the Taki Corp Ryofu, there's the GSC Canaan, the Alter Mio, yeah, I haven't watched K-On but I have to admit she's cute as she's the only character whose name I know in that series because of the kawaiiness I am seeing floating around the net. Then, since I'm really gripped up with my budget, I'm finding a way to get some money to try and at least get the Nendo Mio; another nendo whose kawaiiness is irresistible.

The fate of Ikaruga.
Yeah, I've mentioned before that I'm planning to sell Satsuki, well, I've done so but no one's buying yet, so, I made a resolution with her. Once 2009 ends and she's still with me, I'll just keep her in my collection for good. Haha.

Anyway, that's that. I'm almost done reshooting the pending figures and expect consecutive figure reviews soon. ^^

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