Thursday, August 13, 2009

Murakami's Updates (August '09)

This time's for real, today's my B-day! ^_^

Been a while since I updated something...

The Wait Continues
GSC Madness continues!!! More freakin delays as two of my most awaited figures has been delayed yet again! Saber Lily's delayed again but for 1 month only this time while BRS is freakishly delayed by 2 months which is annoying... I have a feeling that the WiM will also be delayed but I hope not.

Miku: The Countdown to 18!
Lol, Miku is turning 18 this year and it's just a few days away and thus, me being a polygamous bastard shall brand Miku as my 2nd waifu when she turns 18 XD

Birthday Arrivals!

Yes! I finally have my own PSP and that Project Diva UMD is finally having a use aside from being on display. This came last week after my sister came home from the US. She's giving me this for Birthday until Xmas, lol! But wait, there's more...

Yes!!! I'm finally beginning to appreciate the SIC line and this one's a sure winner, my friends helped me get this one but I'm not stopping, I might haul a last shot on Saturday for my Birthday. :D

Project Diva's "Devil" Song
With the PSP in my grasps, I was finally able to play PD again and I had to start from scratch, and man, the hell song is Disappearance of Hatsune Miku's hard shift, I've been trying it for days and I still can't clear the damn thing.

Decade, Amazon... Tomodachi
Well, I won't be doing a Decade Update for episode 28, I'll wrap it up by 29 since I have a lot to tell so, anyways, 28 is Amazon's Sekai and surprisingly, Narutaki didn't spread the "Decade is a Destroyer" shit this time. And Decade will end soon... T-T

I'm supposedly posting my shelf today but I'm waiting for my mom to clear up her space so I can organize the shelf in a better manner. So, stay tuned. :D

Well... That's it for now :D

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  1. wow what a fun birthday you had.

    Hopefully mine will be just as fun. XD