Monday, August 31, 2009

Review: [Sega] Vocaloid Extra Figure version 1.5 Hatsune Miku

Figure Info:
Scale and Height:
Non-scale and is approximately 18cm tall

Version 1.5?
If you've read my figure review on the first Sega Miku, then this is the newer version I mentioned there. Version 1.5 is actually a re-colored Sega Miku but this one isn't just a repaint, since the total repaint made this figure stand out and was a really nice move by Sega.

Well then, I'll begin and I'll keep this short since I'll only highlight the main differences from the original.

Well, as you can see above, the box is slightly changed from black to white and even the sketches on the side of the box is now larger instead of the full sketch in the old box. Really nice retouch on the box but I could care less again since this is pretty much on comments only.

Face and Photogenic Appeal:
Yes the face now is a lot better, thanks to the repaint, her lips is now clear and the touch of the glossy paint has made a big impact on the figure... In a better way of course!

The photogenic appeal factor is boosted greatly due to the shiny paint, it gives Miku a vibrant look now and even her skin looks nice compared to the old one which looked really pale if you ask me. The gloss paint made a big difference for the figure to stand out on her photos from the camera. ^^

Body and Details:
Though it is the exact same sculpt, the paint has made another big difference. With this version, you can now see crisp folds on her outfit a big plus for details and with the gloss touch, every detail now stands out more than before especially her hair, I really loved how they painted her hair, bravo Sega for that.

The base is the exact same base for as the first one, so, you know how it looks like if you've read my previous figure review. The piano keys with hair supporters.

This fig is really worth all the trouble, I like it very much since it looks really great, Sega 1.5 Miku is one of the better Miku figs out there right now. If you'd ask me it has a potential in competing with GSC's Miku despite the pose this one has and for a really low price, you already get a really nice figure in your collection.

Face and Photogenic Appeal - 10/10
Body and Details - 10/10
Base - 10/10
Price - 10/10

Average: 10/10

Final remarks...

Happy Birthday again, Miku!
Stay as the cheerful vocaloid you are. ^^

I wasn't really expecting this to get a perfect score from my criterias, lol, yeah, you probably wonder my ratings are usually high, well, that's because of my criterias and personal satisfaction. You'll probably see, lower ratings later on since I'll be doing the ones I like first before going to others which I think will get lower scores. Well, as the score has it, this fig is the first one to get a perfect 10, so... I think you know what I'll have to say about this already... a really nice to have and for my deep thoughts, a Must have!

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