Thursday, October 1, 2009

Murakami's Updates (October '09)

Asakura Ryoko... Why her?? Find out! :p

A bunch of Kamen Rider updates but not all... ^^

S.I.C. Vol. 51 at full glory!

Yes, as you can see above, I think these are the official pics already which would probably come up after a few days, SIC Decade normal is looking totally awesome while complete form still looks ridiculously like a football player. If you'd notice, one wrong color with Complete form is in his arms, since it's looking obviously like the usual 1 body 2 forms release, you'd be using the same pink from Decade in his arms, which is supposedly colored silver already. Anyway, this is quite far from release and I do hope major revisions can be done for Complete Form.

Chogokin Miku is looking good!

This is quite an old news already but hey, I wasn't able to update my blog lately, as the Chogokin Miku was announced a few months back, we finally see some development and thank goodness, she doesn't look ridiculously bulky like the one in the comic strip when this was first announced. How on earth is this gonna be available locally? I have no friggin' idea but if she won't be priced insanely, I just might consider getting her online. :D

Change Double!
Well, I failed to do an episode review of KR W 3, so, with my observation, KR W is another one of those 2-episode arc rider series, so, I'll be updating every time an arc is finished, I'll be waiting for the subs too before I do any reviews since unlike DCD, W needs more knowledge since it's not pretty simple like DCD's world stories which you can basically understand even with poor jap understanding skills. XD

SHF Limited Madness!

A few days ago, we get the news that SHF Agito Trinity is about to be released. And he's another limited release, lol, Bandai sure like to mess around with their customers these days. And to top off with that, SHF Machine Tornader is also followed up a few days later, and another limited release, lol! Both are scheduled to be released on January 2010 with Agito at 3150 yen and Machine Tornader at 3675 yen.

Half and Half...

Now we see previews of the latest addition to the KR SHFs, and it's none other than 2009's 3rd Rider, Double in all his 3 complete combination forms namely: Cyclone Joker, Heat Metal and Luna Trigger forms. Not much info yet but I'll update once I get more info on them. :D

Murakami's Back Online!

Yes, quite the old Korean online game, Ragnarok Online, as you can see is my first hobby before I started figure collecting, I started to stop last year when I latter got hooked in collecting. But at times, I'd log in and play a little, almost too little. Eventually I really stopped messing with it, I left the app installed and it's usually my sister or her friend playing with my last patch being quite long for being unused for almost a year. I dunno why but I suddenly wanted to play again and there it is, as the screen shot shows, it's my new character, a female Knight whom I just created last Monday and now, she's lv. 85 already, I hope I can get her to trans quick. XD But wait, what will happen to figure collecting then? Of course, it goes on, just not much interesting stuff right now and I'm only waiting for my pre-orders to arrive since I've pretty much filled up the payment for all of them by now. XD

Lily, Sanjou!
Well, finally after being delayed for many many months, GSC's Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~ is finally out in Japan. A lot of reviews are around already and I'm pretty much looking forward for mine to arrive already. So, if you'd wait, I'll be sure to put up a review of Lily the day I get her or after. :D

Shirt design!? Murakami needs your help!

Basically I'll put up these two images on the page and put up a poll. Deadline for the Tshirt is on October 10 as far as I remember and any pic will do, and I selected from 4 Miku art works and narrowed it down to 2 thanks to the replies at plurk. Now, these 2 both got 2 votes each and I need to choose now, I'll set the poll deadline to October 8. Hope you guys can help. ^^

Yours Truly... The Polygamous Blogger!

I've been pretty much been craving over Asakura Ryoko from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu for quite some time now and I just really realized lately that she is indeed one of those characters that somehow bow down to, with Haruka Suzumiya being the very first and Miku Hatsune being the second. With this, I recently listed Ryoko Asakura as one of my 2D waifus XD So, what does this mean? Ryoko now gets the "I can have multiples" in the collection cause if you'd notice, almost all my figure characters are limited to one with the exception of Miku Hatsune and my favorite rider, Kamen Rider Knight. (Well, my KR Ichigo got doubled but hey, Ichigo original and Ichigo The First have two different worlds and stories.) With that, expect some incoming Ryoko Asakura figs in my collection with FREEing 1/4 being my most wanted of them all, too bad, Ryoko isn't that figure-ized much in the large scale world but still, am getting them soon!

Well, that's it! XD

I need to give much credit of these KR fig updates to Ngee Khiong's site :D

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