Sunday, November 8, 2009

Murakami's Updates (November '09)

I need A BREAK!!!

Some short figure updates and self updates...

Been pretty busy lately since thesis submission is almost up and I hope we can pass the defense, so, I can finally graduate and work work work for more figure moolah. XD Anyway, here's a little treat to Miku fans first. ^^

Sega has been Miku-ed!!
Lol, with the upcoming releases of Mikus from Sega, it might be late but the Vignetteum Cutes now have a colored preview as well as the 21cm Project Diva cover version. I do hope the local stores can bring them in, I'm expecting to see PD cover version by the end of the month or early December. Previews below...

Well, if that's not enough, Sega will be re-releasing the music box Mikus and a really wonderful surprise is that Sega will be releasing a recently seen GK of Miku and it's in 1/6 glory. Probably the best looking Miku pose I've seen so far! Come on Sega! :D

Murakami Night goes full-time S.I.C.!
Yeah, I've decided to give up on the KR Knight collection and to just go with collecting SICs. So, am selling my remaining non-SIC Rider stuff right now.

Well, volume 53 is going to be another 2-pack, this time is it'll be Dark Kabuto and Gatack, talk about making money, Dark Kabuto is most likely a re-color while Gatack is somewhat disappointing since instead of presenting Hyper parts, they just decided to put on option parts as ZECT Trooper. Wut? ZECT Trooper would've worked better for TheBee IMO, so, I think I'm passing on this one.

Thinking of a 3rd shrine...
Well, I'm still thinking of creating an Airi shrine well, it's not official yet but she's soon to be included in my "waifu" list. XD Problem is I don't like most Airi releases, the 1st Griffon is pretty much a fail, the 2nd Griffon is supposedly nice but I don't like her face while Revoltech Airi is pretty much hurting my eyes for really OBVIOUS revolver joints. So, I'm still thinking about this pretty well.

Backlogs and More Backlogs!
Well, I'll try to post my supposedly every 2 episode W update once thesis stuff goes down. I still have pending figure shoots left and a lot of anime that I started watching to finish them. @_@ Hell month is hell!

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  1. WTF ZECT Trooper! I wonder how they would Sic-efy that! haha