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2009 Top 10 Hauls

Here's Miku to present to you...
My Top 10 Hauls of 2009

Basically, this is a list of what I consider as the most worth it buys I made throughout the previous year. Of course, this means that the fig need not be released in 2009 only, this includes even figs that were released in the years before 2009. So anyway, here they are! ^_^

At number 10 is the 5th main Kamen Rider in the Heisei era, in his S.I.C. glory, of course. Though I didn't like Blade that much, his S.I.C. is a major win, his details are really superb and he really has the "Imaginative" feel that S.I.C. was supposedly giving originally. I got him for a really good price too from a fellow collector, no broken parts, no missing parts whatever. ^^

[Bandai] S.I.C. Volume 35: Kamen Rider Blade

At the 9th spot is a part of the Nanoha StrikerS line from Alter, probably what got me to watch the series is this character, her fig was really great, a decent pose, a lovely face and a really sweet cast-off feature. The character that has the wits and wields the device known as Cross Mirage. Of course, none other than Stars Team's Teana Lanster.

[Alter] 1/7 Teana Lanster

At the 8th spot is the 6th Kamen Rider of all time, again in his S.I.C. glory. Amazon is one of the riders who was really fit to be in the S.I.C. world. Though, really lacking in articulation, the design of Amazon is really nice, I like it very much and his S.I.C.-fied Jungler is the still the best S.I.C. motorbike I have seen so far.

[Bandai] S.I.C. Volume 21: Kamen Rider Amazon and Junger

Nendoroids are really cute and all but Petits are way cuter for me, and they act like gashapons/trading figs but with a little better quality I guess. And supposedly when the Vocaloid 01 set came out, I was planning to keep only the Mikus but due to the rest's really charming side, looks like I kept them after all XD Lots of really adorable puchis here like Sakine Meiko, Akita Neru, Megurine Luka and Hachune Miku. XD And they win the 7th spot in my Top 10 Hauls of 2009.

[Good Smile Company] Nendoroid Petit: Vocaloid 01

A slightly unexpected Kamen Rider makes it to number 6, Heisei era's 9th Rider... Kiva! Well, frankly, I really criticized his S.I.C. rendition before as ugly since his eyes were made in a really weird way that it looked unattractive. Everything changed when I got him, he's the most poseable S.I.C. so far in my collection and really heavily armed with a lot of die cast as compensation for having the basic form only. The Bloody Rose was also a good addition for his S.I.C. pack. :D

[Bandai] S.I.C. Volume 50: Kamen Rider Kiva

Now that we're in top 5... The combat Instructor makes it at 5th. The really beautiful elf from Queen's Blade in her MegaHouse rendition is really worth it, with a bit of caution when you cast-off her dress though, you'll be forced to do so to remove the plastics btw. I tried multiple times to convince the local store to release the ones reserved for more than a month already just to get this but it didn't really work, good thing they a restock not long after. This beauty has a lot of cast-off options aside from her full cast-off, you can opt to just remove her muffler or her hat to get a variety. :D

[MegaHouse] Queen's Blade: Alleyne

From this point on would be a barrage of my waifus XD At the 4th place is the one responsible for laying my eyes on the Queen's Blade world. I really just bought her because I find her really beautiful, who knew that this certain fig would make me semi-obsessed with the Infernal Temptress. Though pose-wise, she's pretty boring but face-wise, she possesses a true wonder that no other Airi, so far, can match. And if it's me, I'd go after the face first before the pose since close-up shots are my favorite during photo shoots.

[MegaHouse] Queen's Blade Special Edition: Airi

The 3rd most worthy buy of 2009 is my favorite yandere-ish character from Haruhi series. I was supposedly thinking of buying her in ebay but luck shined on me when a sale was on at Riuva and I won Ryoko for a really good price. :D This Max Factory rendition is IMO the 2nd best Ryoko fig manufactured so far, the details stand out and you can always that a shot of her having that Yandere aura if you think she's one.

[Max Factory] 1/8 Asakura Ryoko

Coming in top 2 is my 2nd Miku in the list. The supposedly "I gave on her" fig that suddenly got a restock where I hesitated big time whether I should reserve her or not since that will decide my Miku shrine idea to push through or not. Eventually, I gambled if I can get the money for her in a short timespan but I was successful and thus, began my Miku army expansion. ^_^ This is still by far the best large fig Miku for me due to her possessing the moe attribute and also not being boring as most Mikus only copies her original artwork pose.

[Good Smile Company] 1/8 Hatsune Miku

And now... the best haul I got last year... Another Miku but this time is her Wonder Festival exclusive figma, probably the best articulated Miku so far. A repainted figma Miku with all her previous accessories (2 leeks and a mike with a stand) and a new vocaloid keyboard and an included di: stage with papercrafts to decorate it with a studio set for Miku. The set also comes with a papercraft wing and a new face which has her eyes closed replacing the, IMO, boring face of the original figma release. This pack is pretty worth it and I got for a good price floating at ebay as well. Now, she's my favorite fig in my collection.

[Max Factory] Figma EX003: Hatsune Miku (live stage version)

Now that it's done. What's yours? :D

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