Saturday, February 20, 2010

February is Crazy!

A month of love love love they say, lol.

This is just a quick entry from the insane experience this month.

Supposedly, February is my silent month, meaning no hauls whatsoever except for a possible arrival of Decade and Kabuto. Well, I started the month without going to greenhills but after 2 weeks, I went there. That was the start of all hell, lol, well, actually, before that weekend, one of our suppliers at Otakai sent me a message saying that a Snow Miku is available, so, I bit it even if the price was obviously overpriced already but heck, Miku is Miku and I find the price justifiable anyway. So there, with that given, there already is a haul incoming soon, and she will arrive on Monday I think and will be mine on Saturday next week.

Now I went to Greenhills to hang out with friends, see the new arrivals from the local stores and to my surprise there was an S.I.C. Battle Hopper priced really low and was there, that Battle Hopper wasn't an official Bandai release but it was featured, I think, in one of the Hero Saga mini-series and as I've researched more, only 180 pieces of those were distributed to the world. Lucky for me, I guess, I reserved it and will be getting it tomorrow along with Decade (yeah, he finally arrived! about time...)

So that leaves me with 3 hauls already, now, yesterday, surprisingly, my phone was on and I suddenly got a call from my friend, lelouch. I answered and couldn't hear so, I texted him instead, he says there was a CM Miku in wasabi toys and asked me if I want to reserve it, but it turns out it can't be reserved as it's a first come first serve buy. Luckily, lelouch offered to buy it and then I'll pay him later, so, I agreed, and as for my budget for it... well... I decided to drop my pocket money for my HK trip soon, it's easier to drop that I guess rather than dropping my pre-order of MegaHouse's Kasugano Sora. Oh well, anyway, that's about it til today, wasn't expecting Feb to be exclusive Miku month ^^;

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