Sunday, March 28, 2010

Murakami's Update (March '10)

Hello there! Been a while since I made a bulk update.
Anyway, BRS's the focus on today's updates ^^

Well, I'll start with some Rider news first...

SIC IXA and Dark Kiva official shots out!

The next in line from Bandai's Super Imaginative Chogokin line, featuring, IMO, Kiva's two best riders: IXA and Dark Kiva's official shots have just been out a few days ago. I must say they're looking mighty awesome, a lot of accessories too, Dark Kiva has Saga's Jacorder, the original Zanvat Sword and Otoya's Bloody Rose while, IXA comes with all his weapons and a Save Mode head. I'm really looking forward to getting mine on May ^^

Upcoming SICs
The next volume after the ones above would be Kamen Rider Stronger, which will be based on Ken's work. Looking good and the rendition looks like it's some work like how Ichigo, Nigo and V3 transpired to how the look on THE FIRST and THE NEXT movies. This sure is an instant get for me. :D

Next one is a colored preview of SIC Kiwami Tamashii's Den-O Sword Form, I don't really collect Kiwamis but they're obviously more posable and really cheaper (a lot smaller as well) compared to normal SICs.

He who loves Fuuto
Yes! It's the man who loves Fuuto. Basically my favorite character from Double, despite the fact that Shadow Moon won in the SHF poll on japan, Nasca gets the first head up for us and his SHF might just get me to buy one. XD

Tamashii Exclusives now trolls Armor Plus!
Yep, the newly expanding line Armor Plus has just been included in Tamashii Web Exclusives Items with their upcoming Tekkaman Evil, and dang I was looking forward to this a lot. :( Come on, Bandai, less exclusives for people outside of Japan >.<

Back with Model Kits...
Frankly speaking, one of my childhood hobbies was building 1/144 Gundam Plamos but of course, I quit a long time ago with MG God Gundam being my best output from all the model kits I've built. Anyway, Kotobukiya just announced that they'll be releasing a 1/10 Rockman Model Kit, and oooh boy, this is enough to get me into kit building again, such a classic hero should not be missed.

Now moving on to GSC and Max's new surprises...

Figma Teana previews!
Well, following the ActSta is finally a preview of an upcoming figma of Teana Lanster, what accessories comes with her, we don't know yet. Information has it she'll be released on the same month as Kokui which is on July (who's Kokui? find out in the last part of this post)

The Movie 1st Puchi Set
GSC also showcased last Tokyo Anime Fair their upcoming Puchi Nanoha Movie set, set includes 3 Nanohas, 2 Fates, Yuuno, Arf, Chrono and the killer inclusion, the best friends, Arisa and Suzuka, another really kawaii set to look forward to (not to mention it has 3 loli Nanohas OoO)

Upcoming GSC Large Figures
First off would be the Fate Stay series, we now see a preview of the Unlimited Blade Works movie version of Rin Tohsaka and to complete the 1/7 Sabers, we are also shown a prototype of another 1/7 Saber which completes the Saber Trio with this being Saber Alter. I have to say this is by far the best Rin ever and as for Saber a must have if you got Lily Avalon and ordered Saber Excalibur.

Moving on, we now see a colored protoype of GSC's Senjougahara from last Wonder Festival. And also as an additional to the series, we now see a prototype of Sengoku Nadeko. ^^ Still have to think about these since I'm pretty much wanting a lot of GSC large scales and my pre-order list isn't helping. XD

Hatsune Bagu!?
I really don't know what a Hatsune Bagu is supposed to do but it looks pretty cute, it if comes out regularly, I wouldn't mind getting one since it's too cute :x

Black Rock Shooter begins!
With just a month away from the premiere of the animation project, there was a Black Rock Shooter event that was held a few days back and to our surprise, a lot of improvements, mainly the colored prototypes of Dead Master's upcoming large scale figures.

I can't wait to get my hands on them and of course, an announcement of pre-orders for BRS's figma and nendoroid, which I have ordered already. Twitter information says BRS is the best selling figma to date with over 20000 orders recieved even though she's marked as an SP. XD

Anyway, to the main focus of the event (information on the anime), we are now shed light of their human names:

Kokui Mato - Black Rock Shooter

Takanashi Yomi - Dead Master

Also confirmed for the anime is the appearance of Black Gold Saw and one other unnamed character which was featured in BRS Visual Works 2. Anyway, to the official website to find out what's new with the upcoming OVA of Black Rock Shooter.

Whew, that's all for now :D

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