Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Eternal Song Episode 5: Everlasting Bonds Chapter 2 - The Pure Will

Mato: Yo...mi...

Mato: Yomi, don't go!

Mato: A dream...

Miku: You looked like you had a Nightmare.
Miku: But I'm glad you finally woke up.

Mato: Miku... What happened...?

Miku: You don't remember?
Miku: You lost to them... But then, they left and I carried you here and treated your wounds.

Mato: I see... I'm sorry...

Miku: It's alright, I'm just glad you're safe...
Miku: Hey, Mato, can I ask you something?

Mato: What is it?
Miku: This... Yomi... Is she the one you're looking for?
Mato: Yes... She was leaving me in my dreams.
Mato: She's my best friend but... I can't remember what happened...

Miku: It's alright... Don't force yourself to remember.
Miku: I'm sure, that you'll be able to find her soon.

Mato: Thank you, Miku...

Miku: Saa, you should rest more until you recover fully.

Miku: (At least, she's finally ok... Gomen, Mato... I have to leave...)


Tie Shou: And what could those demands be?

Miku: You should have an antidote to your own poison, right?
Miku: Give it to me and let me take care of Mato until she wakes up.

Tie Shou: That's quite a demand... But, an honorable one.
Tie Shou: Very well, I'll give you the antidote and let you do as you wish.
Tie Shou: But... you have to go to us once its over as part of the deal else we'll kill her.

Miku: Thank you! I promise, I'll keep my word.

Tie Shou: She cares that much for that girl...

War Greymon: Are you sure about this, Shou?
War Greymon: "She" might punish you...

Tie Shou: Don't worry, it's just a matter of time and she'll eventually come to us.
Tie Shou: Besides... It's Christmas Eve, a little give and take won't hurt.


Miku: I will protect you, Mato... Through my own means...
Miku: Merry Christmas... and... Goodbye...


War Greymon: This song... It must that diva...
Tie Shou: Bro...ther.... zzzzzz....

War Greymon: Shou... I promise...
War Greymon: I will protect you even if I have to give my life for it.

Tie Shou: Ara... Greymon... what's the problem?

War Greymon: Did I wake you up? I'm sorry, I just can't sleep.
War Greymon: You should go back to sleep, Shou.

Tie Shou: All right... You should rest... as well...
Tie Shou: Merry Christmas... Grey... mon...

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So here's the Christmas Special which just happened to be plausible to insert in the Everlasting Bonds Arc. Anyway, from a fight-filled episode, we go to a more warm episode this time, showing the incredible will to protect from both Greymon's and Miku's perspectives. So what this, I greet everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you've enjoyed this episode~ Til next time!


  1. Ooh, the Wargreymon shots look awesome! And those are very kind villains, haha, let's see what happens next.