Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Wrap-up: Welcome 2011!

Well, a little late post but first of all, Happy New Year, everyone! Hoping that 2011 will be a better year~

Anyway, here's a little wrap up from 2010.

First, hauls. Apparently even if I thought DM original was the last, the POs were open during the in between of Christmas and New Year and one more managed to make it just before the year ends. And here's my final Haul:

What is that? Well, that's the BRS Blu-ray/DVD limited edition release which comes with an artbook, a nendoroid petit of BRS and DM and etc as a bonus for the so-called "limited" edition release. Anyway, here's a little something for a good friend of mine who has a ponytail fetish, it's an overdue gift from me :))

Just before the Year ended, I managed to clean up my room, of course, this includes my cab and figures. And after more than 6 hours of figure cleaning and rearranging, here's the result.

Well, the cab does look old and I should really invest for a new one already and hopefully 2011 gives me that cab. Still around more than 10 figures are yet to be put in there since they're still sealed in their boxes.

Anyway, that's that for the wrap up, will be posting my top 10 hauls for the year as well soon enough. As for 2011, I'm finally streamlining my large figures since my space really isn't getting larger so I decided to just focus on Shrines, BRS series, Tony Taka illustrated Shining series characters and some of my most awaited from 2010. I probably won't be continuing my plans on going nendos but focus more on my backlogs for the sci-fi revo and sic lines, as for my main line, it'll be D-arts while figmas, aside from shrines and brs series, I'll be getting some more Se.Kirara and Touhou characters. But of course, rest assured that this blog will continue, even if I don't know if anyone reads my posts :))

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