Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Hauls: Alternate Identities

Woot, +1 Ryoko and another Shrine character~

More of this month's hauls~

Well, this time around would be another Sega Prize for Ryoko, which was based from the disappearance arc/movie of the series, and thus another large fig addition for my Ryoko~ :p As for the other, it's a volume 2 DVD of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes and it's the first release, the first release of Volume 2, either DVD or BD, comes with a Nendoroid Petit of Sharo, aka Sherlock Shellingford, my favorite in the series and proved to be one of the more memorable characters for me despite how ridiculous she was. XD

Anyway, what's up with the title? Well basically Ryoko of the disappearance world and especially Sharo of the anime world have really different personas, so, that's why. XD Anyway, here's a little something for the MIA Mr. Comic which I also picked up today :p

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