Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Hauls: And Even More Transformers

A trip to your everyday malls does hurt sometimes XD

Especially if they're the ones selling it at cheap srp.

Basically, while working yesterday, and while slacking off a bit, I browsed the Takara Tomy website and looked at some of the movie line ups and then saw this ridiculously cool looking bot under the Autobot Alliance which is the equivalent of Hunt for the Decepticons line for Hasbro, turns out, he was a scout class and the name's Breacher and luckily, RotF toys are all in ridiculous sale now since DotM is near, so, my main target was breacher only.

But, my friend showed me the generations Thundercracker the other day and his paint apps is ridiculously superb and he's also a regular release now. Friend told me also that it was out of stock already as I plan to buy it someday but... When I reached SM North's Toy Kingdom yesterday, there's still a lot of TCs piled up but I got one anyway, since in just days, it's possible for those Thundercrackers to disappear into thin air. So, in the end, my SHF Joker money became TFs hahaha.

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