Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: [Konami] Takane Manaka

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Konami
Origin Series: Love Plus
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 20cm tall
Original Price: 6,500Yen

Figure Box:

Manaka's box is pretty plain, just white with a big light blue plus, and lots of small ones around. What really wins the rather plain design for me is the artwork included, and it's not your usual ponytailed Manaka, but rather her short hair, which actually looks nice on her as well. And yeah, I've not played the game but I do like Manaka's face a lot and I don't actually need to play that DS game to like her XD

Figure Details:

Though Konami is not really the type to release a large figure on a regular basis, they certainly did a fine job on Manaka, I loved the crisp folds on her uniform and it's overall flow of something like being gusted a little by the wind. Her skirt's flow does look a little stiff around the edges but it's still painted nicely which gets over my point XD

What's also nice is how the bag was made, it's pretty detailed and even so, they even included a keychain or strap attached to the zipper which is a pretty nice touch if you ask me. But yeah, probably the only real negative point I can give is her hair, it looks... really rough in texture. But still overall, Manaka is above average. ^^

Lastly, the base is very simple but still kinda nice as it's another plus(+) sign with the text Love Plus in it. XD


Well, Manaka's really pretty in this figure and since it's from the makers themselves, they captured her just fine. The pose is pretty nice and gentle which makes it camera friendly as well as really nice in display. And in many angles, Manaka just looks sweet.

Well now, one of the main selling factors of this release was the inclusion of a lot of alternate hairstyles for each of the love plus girls. And basically there are 4 extra hairpieces as default for each girl. While there are lots of options the hairs still kept the same flow as the ponytail style with them, which is nice, although not all of the other hairstyles look that good but I guess that's on me; just the mere inclusion of the hairstyles was a nice move already by all means as you basically have options even if it's just with the hair.

Quite frankly, I really loved the short hairstyle as it looked really appealing in many ways and actually does give you more attention on Manaka's face when you do use it. Anyway, another bonus but supposedly only for those who bought the set of 3 from Konami Style's online shop was a last unique hairpiece; this hairpiece is of another character from another dating sim of Konami, and it's a character named Fujisaki Shiori from Konami's Tokimeki Memorial game.

Though it's still basically Manaka it still does give a bit of difference due to the hair color. I actually got this by luck from HLJ, as I only ordered Manaka really, but turns out that the hairpiece was slipped inside the box XD And yeah, I won't include this hairpiece as a factor on the Appeal section score later on XD

Final Thoughts:

Manaka's really worth the money even though she's a bit more expensive overseas due to the fact that she's a konami style exclusive but hey, HLJ brought them in for quite a good price a few months back. The hairstyles really win it for me and IMO Manaka's the best out of three for this line and most definitely one of my best hauls for this year XD I'd really suggest her those who are IN to Manaka or just a Love Plus fan, really good figure but if you're not into the series or the character, probably just pass on her and get something else. :p

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 8.5
Price 9

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