Thursday, May 19, 2011

Max Factory's Upcoming Figma Takane Manaka

Love Plus begins now!

And they started with my favorite too 8D

So yeah, while fact remains that the nendo didn't sell well, let's just see how this one goes. Anyway, Manaka has 3 faces: a default expressionless face, an embarrassed face, and a kiss face, all of which are similar to her nendo faces.

If you've noticed the kiss face pic above, she's in a tip toe position and that makes give her extra feet parts. Aside from those she's got a bag (as seen from the main pic), a tennis racket case (hope she has an actual tennis racket though :p), an alternate ribbon and bunny ears hairband. AND! The sweetest addition IMO... is the inclusion of her short hair which was my favorite back in the extra expressions on Konami Style's Manaka.

Manaka is set for a September release for a tax inclusive price of 3200 yen. Images from GSC's information page.

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