Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: [Bandai] D-Arts Rockman X

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Rockman X
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 12.5cm tall
Original Price: 3,465 Yen

Figure Box:

D-Arts X's box is really gorgeous, I mean, I love blue boxes (if you've noticed in past reviews XD) But yeah, it's really just nicely done, the X touch on the box is pretty good and kind of reflects how the X is usually colored in the games. And the back (though I have no pics again) is amazing, there's this specs of X's armors which was neatly done and the box is pretty much average SHF size, so, pretty cool. :>

Figure Details:

X's details are remarkable the metallic blue is definitely a great touch and it's not a fingerprint magnet as well, definitely a huge improvement since X most likely was an improvement over the semi model kit also by bandai many years ago. The details are really great and I even just noticed that there are two lines on the back of his helm.

What's even more amazing is that all of red cores found in X's armor are made of similar material used for the rider's exterior eyes, so yeah, despite X's simple design, the overall sculpt is magnificent! Nothing's really off and the QC with the paint is pretty nice as well.


So yeah, X's accessories consists of a pair of open hands a right fist and a righ arm which you can use to swap with his X buster since as we all know that his other isn't always in buster mode. X also has two faces, an shouting one and an angry/pinch one. And lastly, he also has effect parts, one for rapid fire bullets and the other being the charged buster shot; there's also a tip replacement for his buster so you can insert the effect parts' pegs onto his buster.

Unfortunately, even if I mentioned above that there's a right fist, prone to QCs as they are, I got another unlucky situation here, where I got a double left fist instead of having a right fist. I didn't really notice it was a double until I was about to use the right arm. So yeah, ffffff, so unlucky, but anyway, good thing X's right arm is supposed to be (even by default) his X buster, so, yeah, given my situation, I took a for the lulz shot of X, and for MFC readers, some of you probably seen it already, I've uploaded it and entitled it "Something is wrong with X" ahahaha.

But yeah, I won't really deduct it on the accessories section or any other section, just really unlucky I guess but still lol Bandai, fail QC XD But anyway, I'm having it returned to my supplier on the coming weekend to see if I could still get a replacement. ^^


Now to articulation and I'll start again with the neck, X's joint is made up of two ball joints, the upper allowing you to extend his neck over so that he can look up to a good extent while the lower being the opposite, looking down, of course since it's ball jointed, you can tilt X's neck sideways if the pose call for it.

His shoulder joint is pegged via ball joint again but there's also a hinge that allows you to open his arms sidewards, X also has a bicep swivel so you can rotate his arms as needed for some poses. X's elbow joints consists of a double jointed hinge.

Because of the ball jointed shoulders, you can easily rotate his rotate his arms 360 because of a non constraining shoulder pad as well. The buster shows also no such added limitation as his normal arm.

Torso doesn't do much as usual, only so you can adjust his body downwards and such.

Similarly to his arm articulation, his knees are double jointed knees, but the catch is his hips is a pretty well made joint, consisting of two ball joint connectors which allows quite some flexing with the black part being just a cover which also adjusts based on how you move the joints though the said joints also doesn't allow any great extension such as a 90 bend but still pretty good. Iirc, X also has a thigh swivel; lastly, his ankles are made of quite unique joints as well, a combination of good of ball joint and hinge which pretty much make the ankles really flexible.

Now, for additional articulation the rapid fire has swivels at the middle point of the 2nd and 3rd shots and the catch is you can arrange this rapid fire effect in two ways. Pretty cool gimmick by bandai and adds much more fun factor for posing X.

So yeah, if ever you're wondering if the buster can be on X's left arm, then, it's a YES. :D

So yeah, combined with the effect parts and all, X is ridiculously well articulated and with the piece I got, the joints are really tight. But yeah because of his well made effect parts the poseability becomes many times more fun and yeah, he can pretty much capture similar actions in the game and even more. A really fun articulated figure overall if I must say.

Final Thoughts:

So yeah, X is just magnificent and of all of my currently released D-Arts, X is the one that takes home the cake, well detailed, the accessories are good. Truly an impressive piece of articulated work and despite Bandai labeling him as 12.5cm, he actually looks taller than War Greymon. So yeah, fan or not of the Rockman series, I'd definitely suggest taking home X. He's just THAT good, at least, for me anyway. And the price is typical SHF and you actually get a lot more.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Price 10

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