Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: [Bandai] S.H.Figuarts Cure White

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Futari wa Precure
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 13cm tall
Original Price: 3,675 Yen

Figure Box:

So yeah, it's another one of those cases where you get the generic box with a special series design here, and for Honoka (and the other cures), her box follows her colors: white and blue and as the theme of the show has it, hearts (most noticeable in their outfits and the second season was even entitled Max Heart) a nice color overlayed Cure white is on the side giving it this sketchy feel which really works nicely for me in many ways and as the usual we have the actually figure official shot in front as well (which I think really wasn't much needed since the overlayed image was good enough on its own IMO).

Figure Details:

While the details are as accurate as possible as always brought to us by bandai, well, here are a few notable things to begin with. First up is her left shoulder pad, as you all know (or not), I have two Cure Whites mainly because my first Cure White had a missing left hair strand, and luckily, it was replaced; while I have two both of them seem to have one common problem, it's that her left shoulder pad pops up ridiculously easy for some reason as in whenever I try to raise the arms through the shoulder joint, it POPS OUT most often than not. But yeah aside from that, she's pretty nice though do notice that at the bottom of ther neck there's this ridiculously ugly seamline but luckily for Honoka, it isn't as obvious as the ones made with the non-Angel molds of the Fresh Precures. Oh yeah, lastly for her con, well, it's not really seen here in my shots but she does have a miscolored skin tone with her neck and the rest of her skin, and it's pretty obvious when you see it personally.

But yeah going on to the rest, her details are quite nice especially how her hair was made but yeah, reminder again, behind her face there are two ball jointed strands which aren't really noticeable but yeah, worth checking if you don't want any QC issues on your Cure White. And her skirt isn't as compact as the heartcatch duo are and it actually isn't bound that much and yeah, do know that she is one of the few cures who doesn't really wear any cycling shorts. :p Her joints remain the same (and she is actually and earlier release than Blossom or Marine) easily detachable and not as scary as the rider connector pegs, her face and hair are nicely intact as well but might really piss off when you try to switch faces since you will need force it. Well one thing she does have is an ability to stand pretty well on her own without relying on a stand since her shoes/boots are quite big which gives enough to actually support her in a standing position.


Honoka has two open hands, one obviously for marble screw, and one for martial arts since we all know that Cure White likes martial arts when she fights instead of head-on fists like her partner. She also has her pointing hand which she does after she and Nagisa transforms successfully. Two extra faces, one cheerful and one angry/charging face which really looks neat but as for Honoka I guess the expressionless face tops it in terms of accuracy.

As I've mentioned before, all cures have their own custom bases and Honoka isn't excluded from that, she comes with a heart shaped base with two hearts as a design and some trims, the stand sticks and pegs themselves are part of those weak act 3 tamashii stands. While the accessories was satisfying at the very least, there's also one thing Bandai lacked, it's the rainbow bracelets (was it? Or I might have mixed it up with the Max Heart bracelets), it's just pretty much a spare half arm and they didn't include it which kinda sucks a bit since after all those were probably the only thing close they had to a weapon.


Well, yeah almost the same points of articulation: neck, elbows, knee, wrists are powered by them hinge with swivel-ish joints (not sure if her ankle also) while her torso, shoulder pads and hips are ball jointed and lastly, her toes are ball jointed generally but attached to the rest of her feet with a hinge.

Well, I did mention in the details section that hair was nicely done, while we all know that she has long hair, the ridiculously bulk of it are actually hinge-powered allowing you to to actually raise her head to a decent extent because of it and even have an easy time clamping her stand without encountering any plastic hindrances. The strands are ball jointed but they don't do much though you can shift it's places from time to time which adds an additional fun factor for Honoka. Overall she has better articulation than some figmas and some newer cures like Marine. Just endure the popping shoulder pad in case you have it too though XD

Final Thoughts:

Well, overall, Cure White was an enjoyable articulated figure for me and as any cure would, she's a must have since she IS after all one of the the first two cures ever. Well, as much as I loved it, I guess I really won't suggest her unless you really like her, and why is that? There's still a big possibility that Bandai will release the more updated Max Heart versions and most likely improve on the flaws of this Cure White. But yeah, you know the drill, get her and you will also need to get Cure Black who happens to have something of use to Cure White as well (which is why I reviewed White first).

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 8.5
Price 10

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