Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Dead Master -Animation version-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 25cm tall
Original Price: 9,800Yen

Figure Box:

The box relatively huge as that of her BRS counterpart, so yeah, I pretty much don't like it because of the size, but yeah, I do love the box design once again but I dig Original version's box more. The design is in the same in terms of style as BRS's, even her name's designed in the same style and the green combination is pretty nice with DM's pic there with probably one of her best angles ever, so, overall except the size it's pretty good! XD

Figure Details:

Because of Dead Master's pose, there are practically a lot of folds here which was once again nicely produced by GSC. Her back's now less sexy (if you just know how crazy I was over original version's back) if you ask me but the shades on her dress is excellent it kinda gives off that translucent feel which wins DM's sexy part this time (yeah, I'm a sucker for Dead Master/Yomi because she's pretty AND sexy :p) Overall the execution was very nice, even her scythe retains that awesome rough texture and look, and her hair looks better executed this time around, so yeah, detail-wise, I'm pretty contented.

Now we all know how GSC loves to decorate their bases and they don't fail to do so with DM anime.

Similarly with BRS, there are a lot of chains coming out from the base which makes it a really good match with BRS. Her two skull minions are also part of her base, one really huge and one in a puny state as you can see above, really gives that nice feeling that the other is lagging behind hence the smaller scale. And ridiculously, virtually a LOT of detail has been a lot put to them, even cracks and a pretty smooth feel but at the same time, also giving a rough visual at some points. The eyes, nose of mouths of the skulls are still luminous as the other skull figures.

Now the weird part is these horns popping out in the base, I mean, it's neat but it's also unexplainable for some reason, it's really pretty much DM's horn in gigantic scale and it's also nicely detailed, but yeah, just weird. XD Now what I like about DM is that her peg is a metallic rod which nulls the caution of breaking pegs in case of reboxing her.


Now first of all, similarly, she also possesses a pretty dynamic pose like BRS as well. You can actually make them face each and it'll probably be really neat (I didn't cause I was too lazy to pull out BRS from the cab). Though I kind of find her pose pretty weird, I mean, I don't really know what she's about to do and her body twist is kind of weird as well, but yeah, it still doesn't make her twists inhuman, if you know what I mean. So yeah, just my personal thoughts XD

Face-wise, she's really pretty and IMO she got DM's face more accurate than the original version (but who wouldn't love that wonderful evil smile) except for the anime-ish eyes, but they still keep a pretty good luminous effect with them, much more than BRS's. What's even more wonderful with her face is that she keeps that plotful smile again :>

Though her pose is weird to me, it actually has A LOT of good angles, with the upper left angle being her best IMO. The pose just looks badass in many ways when shooting and even in more in tilted angles. The only real problem for me was the paleness, but such is just me and my camera's problem since the light hits her faces pretty much that I almost don't see anything. But yeah, overall the appeal is really good.

Final Thoughts:

DM anime was pretty good but not really that amazing IMO, if you were to choose between this and the original version, then I'd say go for the latter, this really just isn't that great enough to beat original. And she's really pretty much just to compliment the animation version line of scaled figures, I mean, if you were to choose just one from the anime versions released so far, I'd still go with BRS even if I love Dead Master. So yeah, I won't really suggest her unless you really like her or if you got the BRS counterpart. But in the end, it's still up to you :D

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 10
Price 9


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  2. Can I have it instead? :P LOL but I still prefer the original ver tho, but DAT BASE.\m/

  3. @Steven: ahahaha, I also forgot to mention that I love her for being jelly XD

    @Anonymous: ahaha, you can drop by my place and take a look at it instead at the very least. XDDD