Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Kagamine Rin

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Vocaloid
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 17cm tall
Original Price: 5,800Yen

Figure Box:

Figure box follows the same style as my favorite Miku. That visually appealing black in the bottom with the checkered style as well as the silhouette of the character's pose and the vocaloid's color, which in Rin's case, is yellow. This box design really has proven to be one of the most appealing yet plain box designs for me. Pretty neat and you get to see the whole figure with ease.

Figure Details:

Details are certainly great, I specially loved her hair for some reason, they're just detailed and layered pretty well and the silver color on her hairpins actually work pretty well, it's pretty lovely and the hair flow's great since it follows her movement, it's as if she had just turned her head, the ribbon is pretty nice as well having at least some folds giving it some depth and layer. And though we know Rin's outfit is pretty simple and there's not much details, it's painted out pretty neat as well. Rin is pretty much a good example of simply beautiful literally, she's pretty plain in terms of her outfit but still manages to be really gorgeous.

Her base is very similar to Miku's except her s is now a more rectangular hexagon, and as an added bonus this can actually be "linked" to her twin, Len, and Miku's bases by placing them next to each other and they're bases blend pretty well since they have the same color and design, which makes it a pretty good bonus actually.

Lastly, Rin contains a nameplate bonus for her and her twin, so, yeah, getting her actually pretty much tells you to get Len as well, which I haven't done yet. XD


Now basically, at first, I never really appreciated how Rin looked like until one time I saw her again and actually found the figure to be really really cute, though not sculpted by Yoshi, she has such a great overall cuteness.

Her face is certainly cute, though similarly to Miku's, she's got more "life" probably because of how her eyes was made and the facial expression is just purely great. And even though her face is biased in the direction she's facing, she still manages to give off a better expression than a similarly facing figure like Tony Miku.

Her pose is also a little similar to Tony Miku making a sudden turn BUT! Rin's pose isn't painful to look at, it's just right and instead of a something like a "hello" to fans, Rin's actually doing a cute pose and also in some angles, sexy to add to that. The pose just compliments her facial expression very very well and add the brightness of the colors, then you don't have any downgrading factor actually.

Final Thoughts:

Rin is actually really good, and yeah, I'd suggest her as she's the best Rin for me in terms of face AND pose. She's definitely great especially when you see it on hand. And I must say the GSC vocaloid trio are masterpieces, but that maybe based on my own opinion. But yeah, she's really great overall and if you can actually get her at a cheap price these days, then don't miss it, grab it if you love Rin or you just love Vocaloids. Rin is just by far one of the cutest in my collection and if you ask me, I kinda liked her more than my all-time loved GSC Miku and with Len, she's even more gorgeous. And the best part of it, unlike another Rin masterpiece from Volks, you won't be spending huge amounts as they're separately released. :3

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 10
Price 10


  1. What, no service shot? LOLJK, anyway this review is great XD is the box that sturdy enough to keep Rin protected? o___o;


  2. :)) service shot!? No box is sturdy enough sadly even the brs boxes get into a poor state once you stack up a number of empty boxes XDDD