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Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Power Core Combiners Sledge with Throttler -Part 1-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Power Core Combiners
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 12cm tall
Original Price: 10 USD

Figure Blister Card:

Packaging is the same as Heavytread's except with a change of logo since Sledge is indeed a Decepticon and his art which looks pretty neat IMO. But yeah, any other comments you can read back at Tread's review and pretty much all the power core 2-packs will have the same comments except for the artwork.

Figure Details:

Starting off with his vehicle mode, he transforms into another construction vehicle. Though this time a more menacing and decepticon-y one especially with a saw blade behind, he's an excavator construction vehicle and decently enough, he really looks like one since his color is pretty much that of a real construction vehicle unlike a certain construction vehicle. Though for some minor nitpicks, again, the common would be the combiner pegs' colors which is really and eyesore and to top that off, you see all 4 of them in the vehicle mode :o And one more thing, is that his robot hands are very visible which... looks... weird... But aside from that, he's got a very decent alt mode.

And now for his robot mode, he's got a rather hulky look but yeah pretty menacing, and his face, it's pretty well done, a real Decepticon indeed although, for a personal comment, he looks like an old man. But yeah, his proportions are good and really does give him a massive look despite being a scout class. The combiner pegs are again in there with two neatly placed again behind his foot for balance support while the other two very visibly place above his shoulders. And his saw blade is in his chest which was a nice way to place it and he does have two chest designs (the other you'll see later on). Although, his back does look like it's lacking since it looks pretty barren from the back unlike other transformers since no kibble are on his back, I do really dig his shoulder pads though since they're half of what the vehicle mode uses to excavate (don't really know what that part's called) XD

And like all 2-packs, he comes with a minicon partner, Throttler, and unlike Heavytread's partner, Throttler actually looks like a transformer with proper arms and legs unlike Groundspike's weird hands. He does have a decent little articulation but I won't actually show it here since the main use of the minicons would be their other modes. And like most of the minicons in the PCC line, they're all in majority of clear plastic, and his color is purple, a decent blend with Sledge since he does have some purple shades in him.

Going to Throttler's armor mode first; unlike Groundspike's armor mode, Throttler's pretty convincing as an armor and the peg is now below which doesn't look weird and yeah, I pretty much dig it very much, and I think of all the armor modes in the PCC, Throttler's got one of the best armor modes.

But where to peg it? Well, remember I mentioned above that Sledge has two chest designs? Well by pusing the saw blade backwards, you can open up that powerlinx tabs which is dented to his right, and by opening it up, it turns into a sort of cover and also aligning the powerlinx port to the center of his chest thus allowing Throttler to attach perfectly as a chest armor.

Next up is Throttler's weapon mode; unlike the other minicons, he has the same mode of weaponry for both the vehicle mode and robot mode; a really big drill which can be attached in several ways to the robot mode.

Sledge has a powerlinx port on his right shoulder and thus, you can attach it there but though it might look awkward at a thought, it looks quite well but yeah, you can attach it at his chest making it a pretty cool chest drill which can most likely be fired upon enemies.

Lastly for the bot mode, behind his hands, there are 5mm ports you can find and thankfully, Throttler's head is really nice since it's a 5mm peg itself so you can insert the head and plug below Sledge's hands; and this, of all ways to attach is the best looking one since it now becomes a real weapon.

For Sledge's alt mode, there are powerlinx ports and Throttler can really be attached only to the one on the excavating arm so it would be decent, you can peg him on the other but it would look stupid and I mean really stupid. So yeah, copy the artwork's placement of the drill, turning him into almost a different construction vehicle.

Of course, there's no one stopping you to port any other minicons on the unused ports. XD

Undocumented and supposedly for his Torso mode, Sledge doesn't really have any bigger head or such; but instead if you close his battle mask and if you've notice on the back head detail earlier, there's another face, and yeah after closing the mask, turn his head 180 and you will reveal his other head, they're the same size so yeah and the other head is soooo awesome.

And you know what the other head resembles? It's friggin Soundwave!


Now Sledge's head have to limitations depending on which chest you are using, but yeah the neck is powered by a ball-joint but the saw blade chest does give him more range compared to the powerlinx chest.

Going to the shoulders first for arm articulation, his shoulder joint is a ball joint generally so you have a really good shoulder range including a 360 rotation and a 90 sideways movement. Additionally the purple piece where the ball joint is placed, there's a swivel in it's connection to the yellow part of the body because of transformation purposes thus, giving one a better range in his arms.

Now remember the shoulder pads I liked? Well, you might think it would lock and render his elbow joint useless but yeah you can open it up and continue with articulation goodness, his elbow is also ball jointed giving you a max of 90 degree bend while there's an existing swivel on his biceps.

His hip joints are hinge-swivel mix of joints thus, allowing a complete split forward/backward and sidewards of a 90 degree bend. Additionally, he has a thigh swivel and a hinge on his knees but this hinge is more flexible allowing more than just a 90 degree bend. Lastly, his toes are powered by a hinge and with the combiner peg behind you can really play around with his feet's positions.

A really decent articulation along with a very good minicon partner, Sledge really does possess a wide factor of posing, he's definitely a lot of fun to play with by all means. A really cool Decepticon scout and even with out a Torso mode, he's pretty fine as he is already. He does have no waist joint so it can be almost perfect but yeah, it's hard to ask for a waist joint in TFs.

Additionally, the arm of his alt mode does have 3 hinge points which adds a little play for the alt mode aside from rolling wheels.

Final Thoughts:

Sledge is pretty fun in many ways, even just as he is, he's a pretty good Transformer. And not to mention his minicon partner is very very useful; so yeah, by far, Sledge is one of the more worthy PCC 2-packs to be picked up and yeah, I'd definitely recommend getting him.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Price 10

Extra: (Updated 5/31/2011 11:57PM)

Extra part will be everything about Sledge's badass Torso mode and to find out which Drones I used and a breakdown of the said mode in detail, click on the Torso mode image below!

(Click the image below for Review Part 2)

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