Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Power Core Combiners Sledge with Throttler -Part 2-

And here's the first Part 2 review; and it's all about Sledge's Torso mode!

Figure Details:

If you've noticed above, you probably can tell which Drones I've used. And it's from his fellow construction bot, Steamhammer's team of Constructicons!

So yeah, nothing would probably best fit Sledge but also construction vehicle as his Combiner mode limbs and it really fits him very nicely along with Throttler as an armor, then this guy transforms into a very menacing combiner.

Focusing only on the body itself, Sledge has transformed from hulky to sexy; by all means, his Torso mode certainly looks more slim and perfectly a fit for his Soundwave-ish head or sometimes I would think his Torso mode has a different personality due to the rotating heads. XD His back does look barren again since there aren't any kibble but aesthetically, his Torso mode is one of the best looking ones around, he's not by any means wide and even his leg doesn't spread that wide unlike many torso modes from the line giving him a really visually appealing form since his legs aren't separated from each other by a ridiculous amount of wideness in terms of the gap.

More undocumented stuff, by swiveling the shoulders you can turn Sledge into a four armed Transformer which doesn't look bad either and you can actually make the drone arms as shoulder pads in this setup by inserting probably leg drones.

And even more undocumented stuff, his shoulder pads which are the halves of the arm of the excavator can be opened up to transform it into another part of decoration or miniature set of arms as support.


He retains most of his scout mode's articulation factor including the neck but the neck is of course for the powerlinx setup so it's a little limited but still, this combiner mode is badass.

And yeah of course, his combiner pegs are only powered by a swivel but yeah where the peg is attached, there's a hinge, so you can wave it sidewards, and rotate it fully.thanks to a kibble-less shoulder and body design design.

Thanks to his magically swivels in the purple shoulders, you can add a more flex of posing him a a manner where he just scratched something with his claws. But of course the rest of the articulation lies on the drones you are using and as such, all arm drones from the official PCC releases have jointless elbows.

Again he retains Sledge's points for the legs, same hip, thigh and knee articulation but since the drones are now his feet, he loses the toe articulation but in exchange receives a shin swivel thanks to his combiner peg.

Again they're really less articulated but thankfully they still aren't completely bricks and with Throttler as an armor, he's really a cool but but that's probably thanks to his slim body and Soundwave look alike head. And because of his purple shoulder swivels, he's additional a bit better than others but still not the best from what I've seen so far in torso mode articulation.


So yeah, given the right drones, he's a really cool Combiner mode, and probably the best looking Torso mode already in my book since I am a Soundwave fan XD But yeah, I particularly got Steamhammer so that I can use his drones with Sledge. So yeah, this just adds more to Sledge's cool features and really makes him totally worth it for me. And do note, I won't be grading this part of the review in any way, it's just really to show the Torso mode and its own feats. :D

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