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Review: [Takara Tomy] Transformers United UN-04 Megatron -Cybertron Mode-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy
Origin Series: Transformers: War For Cybertron
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 2,415Yen

Figure Blister Card:

As a flat style design of packaging all TF United Deluxes has this type of packages, pretty clean in terms of appearance but yeah lacks impact and I definitely love Hasbro's more due to the character art in their designs. It's your typical Optimus and Megs facing each other with the Transformers Toyline beneath them, similar to Takara Tomy's Animated packaging afair. Though for a back design, Takara Tomy topples over Hasbro by a long shot as Japanese make the bios at the back look ridiculously awesome. But anyway, like I usually say in boxes, it's just packaging and I'm really bound to open them.

Figure Details:

Like my previously reviewed Transformer, Megatron has 3 modes and I'll start with the 3rd uncommon mode. As well know of G1 Megs or Galvatron even, he transforms into gun or blaster and WfC Megs also got that, turning him into a sort of cannon mode, which is basically almost his alt mode without the wheels flipped out. It's a pretty menacing alt mode with Megatron's fusion cannon as the pipe where energy beams are shot, lots of spiky edges around while the alt mode looks kinda odd, you've got to remember it's a Cybertronian design, almost anything can look odd (remember those pyramid-like-shits the seekers transform into back in G1 when they were still at Cybertron? lolololol)

Now for his real Alt mode, he basically transforms into a Cybertronian Tank and by flipping out the wheels beneath his cannon mode... POOF! You have his Tank mode, all the other details are the same except since he can now move, you actually see the tank wheels this time where weird and cool at the same time, you get to see Megatron's hands separated there though they blend in pretty well which makes it cool.

Now onto his devastating Bot mode. I have to say that of all Megatron incarnations (from guns to even barneys, even if that barney was a different Megatron but just happens to have the same name), the War for Cybertron design was the one I liked best and I was supposed to get that recolored Henkei Megs at first but Henkei Convoy disappeared so I lost the reason to go after him and got my favorite but small Megs instead. Megatron's bit mode is highly detailed as in almost every corner of his armor, you'd see really good points of details there, probably the only gripe I have over his details as it is, would be his Decepticon logo, it isn't quite visible IMO. :/ But yeah really cool bot mode, and look at that effin Fusion Cannon, it's just pure awesomeness and there's actually a clip thing on his left shoulder pad but I don't know really what it does in the first place or if it even does anything. And lastly, his Fusion Cannon can be transferred to the other arm but you you'd see the bolts so better leave it where it originally is. Another noteworthy thing would probably that his hands are open and also that it's made in a pointing/"I want more power" way, which makes it really neat as it fits the Decepticon Tyrant pretty well.

Like a majority of Takara releases, you'd actually think of buying them over their hasbro counterparts mainly because of the paint apps, and in Megs' it's definitely great, that off-looking white body is now painted completely over with dark grey which also gives off a dark silvery feel just right for Megs' colors in the WfC game. And from dull red, all his red parts are now metallic as well. Certainly not just a bit recolored like Soundwave, so yeah, he's really awesome overall compared to other Cybertronian modes since Megs got, in general, a total repaint.

Last but not least in his details, would be that he's supposed to have light piping based on his design on the toy...

But generally it doesn't work (which is kind of ridiculous) because Megs' eyes are colored with opaque red thus canceling the light pipe; but if you hit the light directly on the top of his head, surprise! the light pipe works! And you actually see some purple outline glow around his eyes.


Now similarly to the previous, I'd try to go more in depth with my newer articulated reviews. So, first off, with Megs' neck; his neck is powered by a swivel generally so you can't do much BUT because of transformation you can actually lower the plate that holds the neck joint so you'd have at least the option to make Megs look like he's looking down.

Now to his arm articulation, overall Megs doesn't have any ball joints at all (which is a bummer) so yeah, his Shoulder joint is a mixture of Hinge and swivel; you can barely move his arms sideways due to his big shoulder pads, but you can indeed rotate his whole arm 360 degrees. His elbow joint is a double jointed hinge, this allowing you to bend his arm 180 degrees without a sweat, and to actually perform this, there's a swivel right below the lower of the double jointed hinge but yeah kinda sad that Megs can't do a cross arms pose.

However, there's one more ridiculous point I'd discuss and because of his transformation process yet again, when you bend the elbow joint to a point where the upper is out of any obstacles, you can actually hinge his lower half of the arm sideways allowing you to at the very least pose Megatron in a "I don't know what you're talking about" pose or sorts.

Lastly the legs, his hips similar to his shoulders are also powered but a mixture of swivel and hinge and unlike the shoulder joints, it's more free, you can split him sideways decently, you can raise his feet at a very good range (making it look like Megs will do an axe kick). Megs also have a thigh swivel, while his knee is just a hinge but like his elbows, they can bend 180 (pretty neat). But lastly, I love how well balanced Megs is since his joints are tight and his ankles, they friggin' use a lot of hinges which in the end result to giving Megatron one of the most epic ankle balancing (at least to my TFs right now).

Megs doesn't have any 5mm slots or any clip bars, he only has his Fusion Cannon, so, he really can't do much of a variety of poses but still, he's pretty cool even with his limited articulation, he can't at least step on some of your puny Autobots (or even Starscream to put at that) but overall, his articulation and design overall allows you to pose in ways that actually make him really look like the big boss of those cons.

And as a bonus, here he is, standing with all my opened Decepticons so far.

Final Thoughts:

So yeah, like I said, this IS my favorite Megatron version and yeah the only WfC Megs mold so far, so, you really might consider. Even though he's just a deluxe class, he's really amazing despite his poor articulation. So yeah, I'd recommend this exact piece since Habsro's pretty much dull in overall colors and by just adding a few bucks (500 bucks in our currency) you get this really well painted WfC Mold of Megatron.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9.5
Price 10

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