Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Haul: Shockwave

Title says it all!

Too much out of words as I got HIM!

So yeah, might be wondering what's up with the TF barrage in the hauls section lately? Well, there's this scaled figure I cancelled some time ago because her eyes look effin wrong as in they're shaped of like (0.O) so yeah, weird eyes and in just some obvious angles (thanks to figure samples over the net) the eyes hellishly look unaligned in many many ways she costs like around 100+$ so yeah, not worth it and I cancelled her.

Using my usual behavior, which is to buy something of equal value and thus I bought a lot of TFs and this guy, my originally supposed only target in the DotM toyline, is the value sealer and I've basically reached the same value. While I do regret some (especially a certain yet to be reviewed Autobot) they're pretty much ok overall the bulk of them and knowing me, I rarely pull out my figures from their boxes until I actually shoot them but... Pretty much like my first Transformer since I started in the hobby, I already unboxed Shockwave because... he's friggin Shockwave and I DO find his Bayformer movie design to be awesome, so yeah, here's a little sneak, and expect his reviews to be up within a week or two.

and his legion of derpy looking ninjas with awesome balance!

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