Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Hauls: Wild Form and Corrected Hand

hahaha, you might've gotten already what the second means XD

But yeah, today's take homes are these two (the brown box is just an outer shell)

Rockman X isn't really much of a haul since he's a replacement for the problem I had on my first one, good thing my supplier agreed to have it replaced despite taking it quite a long time (3 week?) so yeah, here he is and Sharo won't be crying anymore. XD

The other is the real haul, it's an SIC but who? Wild? It's none other Wild Chalice and with this, I close down the Blade line for my SICs since I don't really want Leangle and Garren since I don't like them :p So yeah, a surprise trollery by Bandai this is since before the event where he was re-released as another event exclusive and then this (online release), he was going for ridiculously high prices :o

Oh yeah, and for those who don't know the problem with X, he's already been reviewed and the problem's stated there XD.

(Click image below for the review)

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