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Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Dark of the Moon MechTech Weapons System Topspin

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 16cm tall
Original Price: 13 USD

Figure Blister Card:

And here's the review of the 2nd wrecker to have a Deluxe Class figure from the MechTech line of Dark of the Moon, still carrying the same blister card packaging (where you can read my comments on with his fellow Wrecker) And like all deluxes a head cgi of the character is present on the package which gives you a rough idea on how Topspin will look and if you're not convinced, just look at the back for some figure previews.

Figure Details:

Going first with his alt mode, and as opposed to his fellow Wrecker, Roadbuster, Topspin's alt mode is the weaponized mode alt mode having a different feel overall where the engine's sticking out and practically a number of guns and added sweet looking details are present as well. Overall I really like Topspin's alt mode the blue paint used on him is terrific, just very gorgeous and he engine has a very good application of silver paint while still possessing the looks that it is a race car and of course since he's one of the 3 NASCAR sponsored bots in the upcoming movie, he still possesses those sponsor decals though comparatively lesser than Roadbuster's.

A little nitpick for me would be the wheels or exactly his mags since it kinda ruins the overall very detailed weapon mode of the car since there's a big round metal in there and everything else is just black as it is when the metal could've been smaller for a more convincing look; but yeah, just a little nitpick from my part. XD

Now to his bot mode, unlike Roadbuster who's a little well proportioned and he is the balanced design of the 3 Wreckers, Topspin's very lanky as his and thus making him a lot taller than other DotM deluxes, as amazing as his Alt mode, his robot mode sports a very good one as well. Though his inner machinery frames are of gray plastic again, it's not the same cheap gray plastic that Roadbuster had thus making his paint apps above average as Topspin does not look cheap in any way, he does some yellow-green-ish panels on his robot mode but yeah, over all he looks spectacular. He still retains some silver paint apps as well and his shoulder cannons look really menacing, probably the only bad part to look at in his bot mode would be the back, though a better than a complete car kibble, it still looks pretty much off for me but at front this kibble does help him look more bulky that having a completely thin waist that the Voyager Optimus Prime shows.

Meanwhile, people might be wondering if the claws are Topspin's actual hands.

Well apparently it's not, similar to Backfire, you have to look the details from the inside to see his actual hands and note that the claws are just part of his already massive arsenal and that they can be opened up at will.

His Mechtech is, by default, a blaster and by pulling the grey tab from the center backwards, his Mechtech blaster becomes a much much menacing battle claw than the ones he already has.

By deafult, Topspin's Mechtech ports are on the side of his arms, but basically the guns are all 5-mm weapons so pulling out these games give you 4 more additional MechTech ports for use. And basically for his car mode you only have the engine as the MechTech port.

Also another thing I didn't notice immediately was that he also had clip bars below his wrists which pretty much makes Topspin one ridiculous weapon monster if you have enough and somewhat appropriate weapons for him.

Additionally, he also has a very decent light piping and is much much effectively put into use than his green buddy.


Mainly powered by a ball joint, his neck is already good as it is but below the neck joint lies a hinge and as an extra bonus, it does give Topspin a very good range of articulation for his neck at that compared to other TFs.

Arm articulation remains the usual set of joints: ball jointed shoulders, bicep swivels, elbow hinges; though probably his downside is that he doesn't have at least a wrist joint but yeah, it doesn't really affect his articulation factor for me since his "hands" are mainly the battle claws already. So yeah, his arms remain really good for me in terms of articulation.

One of Topspin's major assets that make him even MORE awesome is that it's a fact that he has a waist joint and as you know the addition of waist joints (whether it's required due to transformation or not) make the posing greater by a number of times.

His leg articulation though having a waist joint, it came with a sacrifice of him not having thigh swivels but yeah, waist swivel is still much much more capable than just a mere thigh swivel. Though ultimately, his knee joint are double jointed awesomeness and his ankles are ball jointed though it's a little hard to adjust it but still a pretty good touch.

Lastly, you can toggle his shoulder cannon's levels through a ball joint and two hinges.

Truly Topspin is probably one of the best (and probably is the best articulated) TF figure in my collection right now and seriously is one of my favorites right. He does have the ability to do a LOT of really dynamic poses and cool looking ones thanks to his lankiness; and his weapons fits him perfectly and thus, really makes him that good in posing around.

Final Thoughts:

Certainly, Topspin is what I consider as the best DotM deluxe available right now in our local toy stores and has proven to be my most worth it buy in the DotM franchise to date, well, yeah, I do like Roadbuster much better in terms of the head but Topspin is definitely awesome on his own. So yeah, I'd highly recommend him for anyone who plans on testing out the DotM figures and since he's tall as he is, you won't pretty much notice the down scaling as well. And also for those who might be choosing between Roadbuster and this guy for a deluxe, then definitely go for this as he's really really worth his price.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9.5
Price 10

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