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Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Power Core Combiners Crankcase with Destrons

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Power Core Combiners
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Scout-size Robot Mode:
Approximately 11.5cm tall
Combiner Robot Mode:
Approximately 18cm tall
Original Price: 20 USD

Figure Box:

Probably one of my most targeted figures in the PCC line because I really want it is this guy and thanks to a bit of luck and my sister's fast eyes (and extra cash), I got this guy and by packaging art, he's already an epic Transformer, really good art and he looks like effin Menasor too but yeah, instead of the Stunticons, this guy goes with the group of drones called the Destrons. XD

Figure Details:

Well as part of the wave 4 releases, lil' ol' Crankcase here is another repaint and this time of autobot Huffer. So yeah, feedback here is gonna be a little shorter for the most part.

As much as I really avoid repaints or retools of a mold, Crankcase was really an exception as I always find black Trucks sexy! hahahaha, and as a result, Crankcase's alternate mode is obviously, a black truck, and since Huffer's alt mode was almost like a minified movie Optimus then of course, Crankcase's alt mode looks like a minified Nemesis Prime if in case he did exist in the movieverse. But yeah, crankcase does give more of a character to this mode thanks to his jet blackness and really amazing details and very delicious panel lines of teal all over; he really does give off a more awesome look in the use of the mold looks very decepticony and very Nemesis Prime-ish and the fact that he looks like Menasor in torso mode is a plus since you know, Motormaster was pretty much a Black Prime in truck mode before so yeah, pretty good homage to him in a sense.

And as a comparison to how different they actually are despite the same mold, here's a picture of Crankcase and Huffer side by side in Alt mode.

So yeah into robot mode, he's more identical this time than that of the alt mode, as he's pretty much really just a Huffer repaint here since he's pretty much just a real repaint with minor visible detail change, though at a point, his scheme does look better since it's the typical full black with red eyes color scheme though it's sad that the silver paint on huffer's hand is gone and Crankcase does have these somewhat cheap plastic parts or cheap blue/gray parts which kind of makes it a downside for me.

So yeah, another comparison with Huffer here, and I really think Huffer wins the scout bot mode in terms of the mold.

And at the cost of losing a minicon partner, Crankcase here comes, of course, with 4 drones, the Destrons, to form his Combiner mode.

And similarly to Stakeout and his Protectobot drones, Crankcase gets the recolored other half of the Combaticons and the Aerialbots, and these are the Missile Carrier, the Spy Plane, the Attack Helicopter and the Assault Vehicle drones which forms his limbs respectively, and I think these are good choices for a Decepticon, all the drones chosen here are pretty much armed to the teeth as opposed to Stakeout's set of drones.

And when fully combined, Crankcase transforms into this epicness that is NOT Menasor but certainly looks like him.

I really really like the Torso mode of the PCC Huffer mold especially on Crankcase because of how well the colors blend; it just gives a more overall good design thanks to the very good blends of the colors as opposed to the ridiculously multicolored Combiners of others, all of Crank's drones' paint apps really does blend with him very well it's probably the Spy Plane that will look off at the very least but hey, Crank has those colors, so, yeah, really good blend overall, I like the design and that the fact that his shoulder pads looks balanced a little more balanced compared to others; and best of all is that his legs aren't retardedly apart from each by a big space.

He does retain the mold's pull out powerlinx port, for some minicon armor to port in there.

Lastly, Crankcase's (and Huffer's) torso mode head have some lightpiping with them and it looks really awesome if you ask me.


Being the same mold as Huffer, he does retain all the type of joints he has so yeah, you can just read on my comments on the scout bot mode articulation over there; but at the same time I still provided some articulation test shots for him so you'd have an idea of what he can do if you don't want to go over Huffer's review.

Even without any minicon partner, I really think Crankcase can stand off alone as he is, and it's probably due to his color scheme, you know? badass colors can make anyone look good even with just punches and kicks and even just by looking at the camera (LOL!) So yeah, but additionally, no one's really stopping you from giving him weapons so yeah, that's about it for scout bot.

Similarly in Torso mode, you get the same type of articulation for the head and the legs; though the legs particularly have additional shin swivel thanks to the combiner peg and really fixes his weird leg problem since the knees are at a better level in Torso mode. Though as the problem of all PCC torso modes, he's pretty much a brick in terms of the arms as the only joint resides in the shoulders so yeah rotation motion and sideways motion only.Though you can play around with the Missile Carrier's hands a bit since it moves on a loose hinge while the Spy Plane hand can actually grab things because of the way it's done.

Still a pretty fun Torso mode I think even though he's not as fun as Stakeout, but yeah, you can't do much with his Torso mode and it's really a problem for most of these things anyway. But yeah, still pretty menacing as he is even by just standing so, I don't really care sometimes XD

Final Thoughts:

Crankcase is really amazing, I like all of his modes actually compared to Huffer's but it's probably just me and my personal tastes but certainly, the Huffer mold is definitely something I'd recommend getting in the PCC line and I think his price is pretty much worth it since he does give a great homage to a certain G1 gestalt XD But yeah, overall, he's not as much as worth as Stakeout in case you are after the play value of the figure but still I really recommend this piece.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9.5
Price 9

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