Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wave's Upcoming Beach Queens 1/10 Tomoe Mami


And finally appearing for the beach queens lineup is Mami-san!

Well, obvious good I guess, and I seriously think she's the best among the 5 Beach Queens in terms of face and *cough* body *cough*. Still powered by a neck joint, I can already foreshadow headless BQ Mamis in the future. XD

Mami also has an exclusive version and guess who the hell she comes with...

It's freaking Charlotte, the sweets witch that beheaded her!? A really retarded idea IMO XD

Standard version Mami will be released on January 2012 for 3990 yen while the limited version will also be in January but for a price of 4725 yen instead. Images and info from the standard and limited info pages.

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