Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wave's Upcoming DreamTech 1/8 Takane Manaka


And she's the only one appearing in my news :p

Shifting from the regular 1/10 scale, DreamTech sort of comes back and presents us with the 3 Love Plus girls in new, better and sexier swimsuits than the ones in their Beach Queen's lineup; Manaka goes first (as usual) and now sporting a very fine and tight white swimsuit as opposed to the polka dotted one from before. And even the face does a really good job of spelling Manaka in it.

Manaka is scheduled for a November release for 6,510 yen which isn't bad already. Images and info from Wave's page. And since I won't be posting the other 2, you might want to visit their pages in case it's them you're after: Rinko, Nene

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