Saturday, August 20, 2011

August Hauls: Birthday Loots!

Post-birthday loots actually XD

It was my bday last Saturday which explains the lack of new acquisition reviews from this week since I was out derpin' around last weekend. XD

Anyway, payday wasn't until after my birthday so my loots came the week after (specifically last Monday and Today!) My only real loot for myself would be the SHF Cure Moonlight while all the TFs were gifts from my sis and my friends XD ahahaha. Megs was from my sis, it was supposed to be Deluxe Optimus (which I got today!) but he went missing last Monday and then sis randomly asked if I wanted Megatron instead and, of course, I obliged immediately since Megs was more expensive XD

I was supposed to get a Universe Nemesis Prime from my friends and with some additions from me but he was gone in an instant (sadly) and also coincidentally, one of the local TF source shops here was on sale today and saw Galaxy Force Noisemaze on effin sale! for around 20$ or 1k php to be exact and I've always loved Noisemaze (Sideways in the US) in the show and have always wanted to get one but just doesn't have any extra at the moment, and since Nemesis vanished part 1 of friends gifts became Noisemaze, unsure of who to get next, I roamed around GH back and forth and then ended up getting Deluxe Optimus which also completes my Optimus vs Megs set from the Movieverse; I got deluxe because aside from the expensive Jetwing Prime, he's the closest Optimus for being movie accurate since the Voyager looked really inaccurate though the fireburst was a good release IMO. XD So that's that, hope I can post a lot of reviews this coming week (if internet exists at night or if work is not hectic)

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