Monday, August 1, 2011

July Hauls: Puny Bots, Humans and a Ghost

Late post again XD

Though I've already posted this at onii-chan blog XD

Anyway, got these 5 packages last Saturday, and thus, serves as my final hauls for last month. Going to the TFs first, these minicons are way cheap so I picked out the best 2 from the 4 minicons of the 2010 toyline, while Brake-neck looks the best in alt mode, Drivetrain looks the best in bot mode. And I seriously planned on attaching them to my PCC 5-packs but they didn't turn out that well XD

Next up are 2 of 3 of my wonder fest which are some more BRS goodies, one being Mato's figma and the other being the petits of the best of friends. While I was supposed to shoot and review by this week, time didn't allow me last weekend since I had to finish the others that went in first XD

Lastly, an impulse buy, because it's so hard to resist when you actually see a good deal in front of you, I got Yuyuko for around 40 dollars which is ridiculously cheap for a nendo especially from an always shop exclusive release series called TOUHOU PROJECT! After a while of "friendly" talk with my good friend, I finally gave in and bought Yuyuko (and buhbuy figma Yomi cash looool).

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