Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: [Bandai] S.H.Figuarts Cure Sunshine

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Heartcatch Precure
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 13cm tall
Original Price: 3,675 yen

Figure Box:

Like the previous heartcatch duo, Sunshine's style is the same, wherein you get her post intro pose in front as the product shot, her name on the side and entire box designed with her related flower and her color scheme. Overall, it's still pretty so-so for me since SHF boxes rarely impress me XD but anyway, enough of this and let's continue to the more important parts.

Figure Detail:

Apology in advance since I completely forgot to take detail shots during her shoot since I did it at midnight XD But anyway, like her predecessors, her outfit overall is well made, paint apps are clean and there's little to none in terms of obvious lack of detail (sharper petal-design edges XD) but overall Sunshine is a decent improvement from Blossom and Marine.

Aesthetic wise, her face and front hairpiece is now changed to sliding faces similar to figmas, though I liked how compact the attachment was back in Blossom/Marine, I think it's not pretty effective since the plastic might break eventually overtime, but the easiness of changing faceplates this time come with the risk of getting it loose when abused played but still looseness should be easy to fix up.

Her hair still retains that solid hard plastic but thanks to the nature of her hairstyle, the weight is evenly distributed but generally it really feels lighter than that of Blossom's or Marine's mass of plastic hair.

One additional comment is that some people mistakes her SHF to have no cycling shorts XD Well, there is, it's just pretty short and the color somewhat blends with her skin so it's not very visible (sorry to disappoint those who wanted to glimpse heaven, lol).


As to how disappointed I was with Marine's hand sets, Sunshine is a get back, she's got a load of hands which completes her as the Sunshine we all loved. She's got a pair of God Finger hands (you know, fingers sticking to each by pairs except the thumb) used to grip her cure weapon, the Shiny Tambourine. She's got karate chopping hands which is one of her tradmarks and she even has that hand for when she summons her Tambourine; aside from these she's got fists and another hand to hold her heart perfume.

As with the previous 2, Sunshine comes with her own tamashii stand, in another heart shape again with her flower symbol and the text "Sunshine", the hingeless neck joint, and her fairy partner, Potpourri. Additionally, she comes with a serious face and an expressionless one (since her default is her smiling face X3)


Sunshine still has the same joints as the others, her neck uses the same type of hinge/swivel mixture of joints which allows really decent head tilting.

My favorite part is that her twintails (as how it should be) are also powered by the same type of joints; this + really dynamic poses works wonders and is definitely a great plus for me.

She does have a ball for her torso joint but it doesn't flex much and the hair weight would merely just pull it up again so it's pretty useless as it is, but you can always use it to swivel around her body. :D

Arm articulation remains the same, a very decent elbow joint flex (almost equal to double jointed ones) a just perfect shoulder joint (needs a little pads fixing though), the same joint can also be used to perform a swivel movement on her biceps. Lastly, her wrists uses a smaller version of the neck/shoulder joints.

As for her leg points, everything are pretty much the same as the ones used on her arms though this doesn't have much of a swivel motion for her thighs but still a pretty decent set of articulation.

Having a more balanced hair weight does win her the best articulation so far from the heartcatch releases, and also, super poseable hair does give a big plus as I stated above; this, along with a lot of hand sets, makes Sunshine a posing machine given you're used to posing armless figures (unfortunately, I am not XD). Sunshine's play value is truly a major improvement over the her two companions and IMO bandai making her look more girly is a great plus for me XD her smiling faces also does make her pretty cute aside from being a major action pose winner. Still, her articulation is not perfect in a sense but still is worth praising. The biggest win here is that even for a just a brief while, I managed to pull it off having Sunshine stand without the tamashii stand's support, something that both Blossom and Marine cannot pull off.

Final Thoughts:

Was Sunshine worth it? Hell yes she was, and she, along with Cure Black, are on my top list for the SHF Cures so far when it comes to overall worth of the figure. Sunshine is a worth recommended SHF to add to anyone who collects Cures, given the same price as Blossom-tachi, you have here a gold, shining like the sun :p And do note, Sunshine was the least character I liked back in Heartcatch when I was watching it. XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Accessories 10
Price 10


  1. yeah sunshine was defentially worth it.I brought the whole heartcatch team.But Sunshine was the best made.She seemed more similar to a figma than a S.H figure.

  2. ^ indeed, I also have the whole team, and even if I still haven't reviewed Moonlight, Sunshine was definitely the best out of them and I was really really disappointed in how Moonlight turned out :\

  3. Oh! And Sunshine was my favorite out of Heartcatch (mostly because before i got around to watching it Marine and Blossom seemed VASTLY incompetent and Sunshine seemed far more capable) and given she has such a stellar review i might convince someone to buy her for me!

    1. Cure Sunshine surely won't disappoint! XD