Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Nendoroid 148 Yuyuko Saigyouji

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Touhou Project
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall
Original Price: 3,000 yen

Figure Box:

Yuyuko's box is in complete pink, where as the designs are cherry blossoms which plays quite a significant role in her debut game, Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom. Well the motif was nice and the colors does fit Yuyuko very well but still it's no different than your average nendo box XD So, off I go to the review XD

Figure Details:

Overall, the detail work on Yuyuko is nice, really clean, no eye cancer present (at least, on mine) and is definitely just pleasing for my eyes. The paint job is really vibrant and wonderful, just the way it should be for Yuyuko. The mini frills were also done in a decent manner, I mean, surprise me if frills can go way beyond a chibi articulated figure. XD Yuyuko also comes with her trademark nun-like veil complete with the spirit logo as well as folds which are really praise worthy detail for making them as detailed as possible. Probably, the best detail I liked on Yuyuko was the silver flower marks on her clothes, they're just really eye pleasing. = w = b


Again, Yuyuko comes with her veil/whatever you call that but aside from that, she comes with two individual butterflies which you can peg on to her special left hand (attached to the extra left arm by default packaging) or to either wisps she comes with; aside from those, she also comes with two more butterflies but this time, they're actually connected into one single piece and are inseparable; this, as well as the wisps, do come with a stand of a nendoroid petit which can all be placed under two base extensions she comes with (one with with a single port, the other having two ports) So all in all, there's no actual wasted spirit accessory for Yuyuko since you can display all of them together and for this, I give a thumbs up for GSC 8D The wisps are also glow in the dark which took me by surprise after the shoot XD

Now for replacement parts, Yuyuko comes with two extra arms, and you can dismantle this actually and use the extra shoulder pads she comes with which will allow Yuyuko to have spread open arms for posing; another is that she comes with one more right hand (aside from the defaultly attached hands on the extra arms) which has her fan opened. As for the faceplates, she comes with another smiling face which is really cute XD and her serious face perfect for some serious bullet hell scenarios.

Of course, as you can see above and obviously, no nendo can be released without a base and as for Touhou nendoroids, they always come with special bases (like homerunchan's Flandre) And Yuyuko comes with an O whose outline is colored in this purplish manner and has some spirits inside, this is also the same base as Youmu Konpaku's iirc (which I still have to get) only in different color.


Now as usual, all the typical nendo points are present but additionally on the arms Yuyuko has a bicep swivel aside from the typical waist, shoulders and wrists points; also I'm quite surprised that her legs have nendo joints despite wearing some bloomers or sorts underneath that skirt XD Nendoroid joints are also present in the neck but this is where she fails mostly and you'll know why in a bit.

Well for giving the cute factor that nendos are supposed to give, I've give Yuyuko that as thanks to her spirit accessories, her fun factor really increases but some of her joints might be useless on flat ground such as the neck and the leg neno joints; while the leg's fully poseable, you really can't see them unless you make her fly; as for the neck, because of Yuyuko's hair, you absolutely cannot tilt her head upwards because her hair hits the stand's arm, so, unless you make her fly, you can't really make an upward tilt on her head. Those are probably the only gripes I have on her but still overall a very very playable and fun set nendoroid she is, those fan + face combination just makes her really fun along with all her accessories.

Final Thoughts:

So despite having some articulation problems of her I won't deny that she's one of the better Touhou nendos around (since I didn't really find some of them appealing) but certainly not the best since she's not the *cough* strongest *cough*. But there you have it, I'd recommend getting her and I actually am thankful for my friend, onii-chan's almighty words of convincing XD But still, no Yuyuko is complete without Youmu, so, that might give you guys out there a second thought XD But I know I'm getting one in the future :3

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Accessories 10
Price 9

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