Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Dark of the Moon MechTech Weapons System Optimus Prime -Deluxe Class-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 15cm tall
Original Price: 13 USD

Figure Blister Card:

Optimus' blister package is very identical to other deluxes still having the crater-ish blister card design and whatnot, the only real difference is that for Optimus, instead of having his head down there, beside his nameplate, it's his vehicle mode featured and also, there's a sticker of "Movie Exclusive" in there since he is I think a store exclusive in the US. XD

Figure Details:

Going to his vehicle mode first, he's obviously, that very same truck we see in the movieverse XD though for this particular figure, this is his actual winning feature, he just transforms into this solid solid alt mode and the paint apps are gorgeous! Hasbro's epic silver a very nice shade of blue and red as well as some gold paint apps near the grill; the trucks heavily detailed as well and the windows are full on clear plastic which gives that satisfying realistic truck appeal (in a downsized manner, of course! XD) The only real gripe I have about the truck mode... is that of all the awesome paint, why the hell did Hasbro leave the trailer port in cheap plastic which is an eyesore really... :/

Prime has two Mechtech ports on top of the truck so you can play with them if you like but I certainly don't because it just looks stupid when you do so (but for review purposes, I took 1 shot of it.)

Now to the robot mode, I actually have mixed opinions on this but for something not called "Jetwing Optimus Prime" or "Dual Model Kit Optimus Prime" or the upcoming "Sci-fi Revoltech Optimus Prime", this is the most movie "accurate" piece you'll get, seriously, this nails the design better than any of the Voyager molds (which spawned 3 releases already!) for Dark of the Moon. Though again it's not completely accurate as for the worst part, he has a giant truck kibble on his back, and while he looks really boxy, I think it's only because of the blue tabs for you to snap on his arms on robot mode. Originally, you have to flip up the blue pieces but I personally think it's better off as how it was in truck mode since it doesn't make his arms look totally barren.

The biggest gripe again for me is the lack of paint, he somehow suffers the same problem as deluxe Roadbuster's, though his uncolored plastic looks less cheaper. It's just really disappointing that the truck mode had really sweet paint apps while on robot mode, he's just completely lacking in it. had it been colored well, then it would've been a really good Prime piece.

Unlike the Leader and Voyager Counterparts from DotM, this Prime does indeed get a very solid lightpiping and as you know, I'm a sucker for that gimmick XD

Prime has Mechtech ports on his "shoulder pads" and at the side of his forearms, the bottom of the forearms also has a c-joint bar with it, but since he's lanky and all, symmetrical weaponization is good and since I didn't have a lot in terms of doubles in weapons, I didn't use them that much but still does add a good playable factor for him. XD His mechtech is the same piece as Mudflap's (or was it Skids, lol) which is a blaster that turns into an axe which is pretty much suited for Prime since he did wield an axe in the movie but it's not the same axe and it looks a bit stupid so i really prefer the blaster mode and besides, you can't lock deluxe MechTechs.

Being a deluxe, he, of course, falls short when standing next to a Voyager in the same toyline like Shockwave. But for his own size class, he's actually ridiculously tall, even proving to be taller than Topspin by head basis.


Prime's neck joint is a mere swivel, which is a little disappointing since he does have fine articulation in other sections, had they used a ball joint, it would've been neat.

His shoulders are ball jointed, he also has a bicep swivel, which helps a lot since he has no wrist joint. Lastly, he possesses a surprising double jointed elbow which I prefer from any of my articulated stuff in the collection. XD

Prime has a waist joint but it's very limited, almost unmoveable but if you slightly unlock his big backpack, it does rotate to a decent extent.

Hip joints are your usual ball joints, thigh swivels present and a single jointed hinge on his knees. The sad part is that his ankle joints do kind of suck, since you can only swivel the forefeet XD and it doesn't really help in balancing him since he is a little back heavy due to the ugly kibble.

Prime's articulation is actually a saving grace for his robot mode. Despite being back heavy and lacking decent ankle articulation, I was actually surprised that he can kick properly which is a total plus. ^^ While the axe might look stupid, the blaster is at least decent enough and you can always sub some PCC minicon Axes for a more appropriate axe. And given you have enough TF weaponry, you actually really have fun with this guy's articulation.

Final Thoughts:

Again, as I've said before, this is the "best" Optimus for DotM in terms of budget version that is not called "Sci-fi Revoltech" since he is the best one out there you can call movie "accurate" right now from the Voyager and lower size classes. And Japan and Hong Kong are actually giving people more choices with this guy since he's being releases as part of TakaraTomy's Chronicles line which will include him in your usual Takara painted goodness and also possessing a new Mechtech as well as a connect able trailer for both him and the encore Prime he's packed with. On the other hand, in recent news, HK magazine milk will release a limited production of this guy in custom hand paint featuring him in a complete metallic make over. So there, or you can always paint this guy yourself but seriously, if you're choosing between this and the Voyager and you want something that's more accurate, get this guy.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 8.5
Price 10

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