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Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Dark of the Moon MechTech Weapons System Megatron

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 17cm tall
Original Price: 23 USD

Figure Box:

Megatron's box is the very same one with other Voyagers like Shockwave. Of course, only difference would be the art which features the character's vehicle mode and also the "Try Me!" hole in there which lets you test out the MechTech. For the rest, you can just read em over at Shockwave's review.

Figure Details:

Megatron's vehicle mode in the 3rd movie is now an earth mode after getting hit hard by Prime in the end of RotF; Megatron now transforms into a Mack M915 Line-Haul Truck, another licensed vehicle like most movie vehicles. It's a very solid vehicle mode overall and it's really long since the tanker trailer is included in here. While there are bits of unpainted plastic, it blends very nicely with Megs' color scheme making it look really good. While I don't have much knowledge on vehicles and whatnot, I guess it's pretty awkward to look at the windshield since it's uneven. But since I don't know much, I can't give it a minus point as well even if it looks completely weird. Some rubbery cloth also is placed at the back half of the tanker trailer and as it looks nice, there are strap details there and they're unpainted which looks off really making one minor bad point on Megs overall. Though one thing I liked on the supposed silver parts is that they have rust effects on them which is a very very nice touch seeing as how rugged his alt mode looked like back in DotM movie.

The cloth doesn't really lock in place, you just actually place it there and leave it there and removing it does reveal even more tanker detail goodness though again it's a little unpainted but still looks pretty decent overall. What I don't really get on the tanker is why it has a wheel on each side XD

Megatron's great truck mode comes at the cost making his robot a little less movie cgi accurate, since he looks totally slimmer on how he appeared in the cgi, but not that I'm complaining since I really dig the slimmer look than a fat Megs, it just gives a better effect for me and it's totally wicked. Keeping the damage he took from Optimus back in RotF, Megs' right side of the face is completely in ruins but still manages to give off that menacing look worthy to be called a Decepticon leader. I guess the only real thing that makes him look inaccurate is that his body is slim but the leg is good enough as well as his arms but one thing he does obviously lack would be chains all over his body.

Of course, as originally intended, you can definitely use the cowl on him as how he wears it in the movie, wearing it does however give a slight negative effect on his left arm in terms of articulation but it covers up his ruined face and really serves its purpose quite nicely.

While his blaster mechtech that turns into a Fusion Cannon (too bad he didn't have his Fusion Shotgun) originally attaches on his right arm, you also have a nice port on the left arm, as well as the back and the lower part of the legs. And near his hips, there are also c-joint clip bars there. So all in all, Megs have decent armament ports :3

Lastly like the osom deluxe version of his fated rival, Megs also has intense lightpiping and it looks totally awesome! Definitely one of the best looking lightpipes in my book.


Megs has a ball joint on his neck and it's completely flexible to the point that making him look upward makes it look awkward already but still, a very decent neck joint which is probably perfect already right now. XD

His shoulders have a hinge that allows you to raise his arms sidewards while it also has a complete 360 rotation swivel in the same point; Megs also possess a bicep swivel but it doesn't really rotate 360 but moves 90 both forward and backward. Lastly his arms have two separate hinges and it somehow acts as a double jointed elbow but it really isn't.

Megatron also possesses a mid torso swivel which really helps in posing him dynamically but again it isn't a full on rotating swivel.

Lastly the legs have a hinge on the hips which allows sideways split, a swivel also in the hips which allows forwards and backward adjustment but the forward move is a little more limited while the backward movement is a complete 90 bend. He does have a thigh swivel and a single jointed knee but a big sad part for me is that he doesn't have any ankle joint which makes his balancing act quite difficult.

Megs have really good articulation overall and even placing the cowl would make a minor arm limit but you can still extend it good enough to make his left arm reach his head as if he's adjusting his cowl which is really neat. The MechTech also works like a charm and I totally love the Fusion Cannon it turns to, Megs can do all sorts of pointing his cannon in all places and he can actually hold his cowl if you're patient enough as seen in the main pic which again is totally cool! I really love this Megs overall in terms of play XD

Final Thoughts:

I frankly love the DotM Voyagers a lot (except the original Optimus and Sentinel, Fireburst Prime was osom) and seriously, despite being small as a DotM toy, Megs is quite on the top tier for the DotM Voyagers out right now. The cowl was a really cool addition and overall a really good TF figure; a definite must get from the DotM toyline!

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Price 10

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