Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Reveal The Shield Windcharger

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers Generation 1
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10.5cm tall
Original Price: 8 USD

Figure Blister Card:

The Reveal The Shield line has a different color scheme though still pretty similar to the Generations line; it's somewhat a continuation of the Hunt for the Decepticons line bearing an almost identical type of packing but this time only sporting the "Reveal the Shield" imprint on the package and also bearing its own special logo where there's an autobot logo shaped silhouette with the line name in the center, which gives you more ideas on what the line is supposed to feature. Like many scout classes, Windcharger's art is his alt mode instead of having his bot mode artwork in his package.

Figure Details:

While Windcharger's design is an obvious update to the modern times, he still captures quite a good lot of Windcharger in his original self, aside from a good catch of his original color, the back of the car actually still is very similar to the original which allows his bot mode later on to actually give him the biggest detail that resembles the original Windcharger design. Probably, the biggest bad point for me is the rub sign since it's an obvious sticker because of the square and those weird silver excess outside the rub sign. Additionally, my rub sign isn't perfectly placed so it's a bad appearance; of course, the rub sign is heat sensitive and it's seriously sensitive since as you can see in the shots below, his allegiance is, of course, an autobot. The car does have a good amount of panel lining and there's also a somewhat ugly seam behind but still, overall, a good vehicle mode overall.

His bot mode is absolutely gorgeous while still resembling his original G1 design, it is more updated such that it's more defined of a head rather than how blockish it originally was, but the body had certainly improved a lot with more defined limbs and all; his legs are the most retained thanks to his vehicle mode; his back does quite a messy kibble and it's really the only bad side of this mold for me.

Windcharger still has his magnets with him and it can be done by simply flipping out his hands.

Additionally, if the magnets doesn't work out for you, he does have clip on points attached to his magnets and these points can be used in either hand or magnet modes, so, feel free to arm up your Windcharger and I used Backfire's c-joint guns. :3


Windcharger's neck is ball-jointed but due to his design he can't look down but at least, he does have a decent range for looking upwards.

His arms are all ball jointed (with the exception of the sideways hinge hands), so, the shoulders does have a great flex overall while his elbows does have fully rotatable functionality which can sub for the lack of a bicep swivel but hinge motion, it's the typically 90 degree limitation we get from ball-jointed elbows and whatnot.

His legs have a ball-joint on both the hip and the ankle and as you know the only thing that will block them is, of course, some design limitations. The knees, though single jointed, does have a decent flex since it does go beyond your average 90 degree bend which is a total plus for me. Sadly, he doesn't have any thigh swivel to add more dynamism for posing him.

While he does lack some thigh and the usual waist swivels, Windcharger does have a pretty good range of play and is really good at posing even though his "blasters" are just really magnets! He does bend pretty well and he can even do kung fu! (looooooool) And with some c-joint weaponry, then you can just add a superb amount of play value to this scout class.

Final Thoughts:

As usual, Scout classes are awesome pieces of work and Windcharger is no exception here though I did a few nitpicks on his detail section, I must admit that I did search high and low for this baby and I'm just glad I got him. Aside from having a very decent head mold, he's pretty solid as he is despite not being perfect. And of the only 2 released scout classes for the RTS line, I have to say Windcharger is the real winner of the 2. So yeah, I strongly suggest getting Windcharger from the 2010 TF figures.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Price 10

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