Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: [Bandai] S.I.C. Volume 8 Kamen Rider 2

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Kamen Rider
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 18cm tall
Original Price: 3,675 Yen

Figure Box:

And now to the final of the original 3 SIC riders! Sadly speaking, Nigo was the only one who never get a classics reissue to finding him was actually a bit of a challenge for me but thanks to some luck, I managed to get one making him my oldest made SIC in the collection. The piece I got had a very beat up box (but I also got it for a very cheap price), however, as I always say "it's just a box" since it's really the figure I'm after anyway.

As you can see above, his box design is pretty much identical to that of Ichigo's original packaging, the color this time is just in red and instead of having a Kikaider above the clear window, Kamen Rider Nigo is written but you still see the Kikaider 00 on the upper right anyway.

Figure Details:

Nigo's overall sculpt is shall I say an almost 100% copy of Ichigo in terms of the frame mold, well, it is really is that way for the double riders so, it's fine; from texture to the use of diecast metal and the brush like hair, it's exactly the same.

Detail wise Nigo completely differs, such that one of his best identifiers from Vol. 7 Ichigo is that he has some "white" lines in his details which can be found in his helm and on his suit. His color, of course, is also his main identifier as Nigo, as Nigo has the darker colors in terms of the helm and his chest as well as the gloves and boots are shaded in light green but SIC's color palettes are always eyepleasing so the light green shade chosen goes very well with his overall color scheme.

Lastly, one major difference from the Ichigo mold is the scarf. Though same in color the way the scarf was molded is entirely different as it's split into two layers similar to that of the Shocker Rider's but just way better than the said scarf.

Likewise, he has the same gimmick as Ichigo and Shocker Rider, pulling down his mouth piece reveals, yet again, another human mouth which is Ichimonji's XD

I've also managed to take a shot of the Diecast rib and heart which you'll use to assemble his inner structure though in Nigo's case, this is completely useless once you've used the chest piece.

As a tradition of the first few SICs, we have yet again another special base and this time, it's a dead Shocker Rider. The base actually has more to it and I'll come to that in a while.

You might think Nigo's not worth it since he's now hard to find and pretty much a carbon copy of Ichigo but fear not, Bandai, actually made this pack more than just a copy. As extras for part swapping you can convert your regular Nigo into Shin Nigo!

Swapping the head, gloves, boots and sides of the belt will give you a fresh new Nigo. His gloves and boots now in dark red and his helm now sports a lighter green while his belt sides now have square diecast parts instead of them bullet like whatnots.

So what else does Shin Nigo have? Aside from color changes, his hands are now in fist shapes while his right hand actually holds a destroyed helm of a Shocker Rider which completely compliments the dead rider on his base; this Shin Nigo truly gives him something of his own as, iirc, Nigo was more of the raging rider between the two. The Shin Nigo setup is truly one badass setup and this, instantly takes the cake for me.

And like usual, the Shin Nigo helm also has the very same mouth opening gimmick.


Again, as just the default Nigo, he's pretty much just the same as the Ichigo in terms of Appeal since the open hands really doesn't make good use of the shoulder joints since raising his hand will make him look stupid and such.

Nonetheless, I loved Ichigo even if he was just standing and the same applies to Hopper-2 as well. But then again, this is not everything this Volume has to offer.

Changing to Shin Nigo completely utilizes his joints and again, because of the fists and the destroyed helm, his appeal actually boosts big time as it gives him so much character, so much badass effect to put with that.

Because of the fist, you can actually raise his arms now and it's totally fine as you can see in the main image of the review. Shin Nigo does really make him the best in utilizing the joints out of the 3 static riders.

And as a bonus, here's a shot of that which I refer two as the "Great Three" namely Ichigo, Nigo and V3. As well as a landscape shot of the three and the three together with Amazon since they were the only Showa riders I had back when I shot these set of images.

Final Thoughts:

Appeal-wise, I actually love Nigo the best, he's really just one badass dude and if I'd overall rank them Nigo would be in between Ichigo and V3 since I really just love Vol. 9 so much. Again if ever you have V3 and Ichigo from the Classics reissues, then definitely look for Nigo, he's worth every buck you pay for him especially if you find cheap deals on him. This is definitely a must have for any Showa era and SIC fan. ^^

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Price 10

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