Monday, September 26, 2011

September Hauls: Humanoids

Too late of a post actually

I almost forgot to post it. XD

Well, I was supposedly going to post it together with my other haul but one robot here proved to give me another "lucky" purchase as this time, he's got a WHOLE friggin' arm missing and luckily thanks to my mom's help, I was able to refund it and that's Bludgeon lol. I'll probably be getting another piece by Friday (hopefully, there are still stocks of him left for clearance >.<)

Lat Miku also arrived before the Best of Anime weekend so I picked her up asap along with Zero who arrived much much earlier. Reviews of these 3 will probably be up in around 2 weeks time I guess. XD Anyway, there's still one more haulage left for the month >:)

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