Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Hauls: First Half Bulk

Managed to snagged these guys from last week to yesterday XD

Thus, the first half bulk.

SIC FJ and Skull were my hauls from last week also at the very start of the month, since I had to finally get it from my supplier and hopefully I'd be able to review it soon since as you know, collecticon yesterday and today, so, no new reviews this week, just some backlogs again.

As for the TFs, as news got out that the generations line got marked down, I was really targeting either Kup or 3 Scourges, but none of them were there when I visited the mall's toy store and saw Lugnut instead (also marked down and now hard to find at the said price). I really wanted him before and when I got the chance I still hesitated though but after flipping 3 coins and getting 3 heads, I got him lol. Lastly, for the Sons of Cybertron, well, the collecticon sure was a nice spot for finding some good TF deals and this was one of them, priced at approximately 40 USD, I immediately got it as it does fetch much higher in GH and I've always wanted the clear Rodimus (but as for Optimus, I might just sell him though lol). Anyway, that's it for now.


  1. Cool, SIC FJ and Skull! Was thinking of getting those at GT GH but I then thought of getting the older ones first since they're harder to find *cough*mangarealizationzeroandriden*cough**cough*

    Man I wanted to go at collecticon since I study at DLS-CSB and I heard it was close but my saturday class got me tired and the weather was getting bad (TT___TT)


  2. ^ ooooh, yep, it's close, just one jeepney ride. XD Didn't spot any SIC finds there though, mostly western figures and GT only brought in SHFs for the riders. XD