Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: [Headrobots] Blood, The Dark Warrior

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Headrobots
Origin Series: n/a
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 19cm tall (head tip)
Original Price: 17 USD

Figure Blister Card:

Blood's card packaging is very small and very portable, you can already see all the contents of the upgrade kit from it and accompanying it is a very very remarkable artwork from Headrobots. Overall, I love the packaging style, easy inspection + epic artwork = what more can I ask for? The back also has full instructions on how to attach the new head and parts, so, you won't have trouble at all in upgrading your RotF Bludgeon.

And as a bonus, here's the complete artwork without the parts hindering it. XD

Upgrade Set Details and Setup:

So first, I'll head to the accessories, which are the new swords. As you all remember, I ranted on how cheap the swords of RotF Bludgeon were because of the fact that it was unpainted and all bendy, well, Headrobots made two new swords for Bludgeon, and like the original, it comes in a katana and a shorter one which I forgot what it's called. Now these two new swords are awesome, aside from having green colored handles, the whole blade themselves are covered in chrome silver, so, it really reflects a mighty fine figure-ized katana; the swords are also in solid hard plastic now.

Now the swords also fit to replace the original bendy ones, and attaching the katana to the tank turret will require you to add the additional turret tip that Blood has, so it will now look like a decent and completely painted tank turret as opposed to the original which had weird uncolored bendy turret for the tank mode. The turret tip doesn't really lock in place as it really just sits on the handle but hey, it's not like the tank in play will go downwards or anything. XD But I guess it could've been better if it can lock properly.

Also for those wondering, the shorter sword fits perfectly in the tank's hidden scabbard. ^^

Now for the bot mode's head changing, though instructed already at the back of the art. Basically, you need to turn Bludgeon's head to a complete 90 degrees to the left and the right, and using a thin screwdriver, just unscrew the bolts.

After unscrewing both bolts, pull off the front half of the face and proceed with removing the back half.

Once removed, just push in the head's peg hole to the neck peg and it'll stay in place properly. The head might be a little shaky though but it definitely won't come off even if you flip him upside down. Now the new head is a homage to G1 bludgeon where his face is depicted as that of a skull. But removing the samurai helm and turning it 180 degrees would reveal another face which is a homage to IDW Bludgeon's sort of battle mask.

Now the default face, might look unpainted, that's because Headrobots make these releases individually hand painted I guess and to keep the price the same, they just leave us to color it, basically as specified in Blood's product page, you'll need to drybrush the teeth and probably the nose to bring out the details of the default head. But unfortunately, I don't know how to, so, you'll see the default in the pics later on.

Another great addition was for you not to loose the turret tip, you can actually attach it to the mini gun at his back on robot mode. Really a neat way of keeping things intact. XD


While the head is mainly used for Bludgeon, no one's really stopping you from attaching it to HftD Banzaitron and even though I don't have the other headrobots release's base body (Onslaught), I think Blood's head can indeed fit in others (though again, this is in theory).

The upgrade itself has a more limited neck swivel movement due to the mass of the helm but it does indeed bring new life to the lol head that is RotF Bludgeon. And though losing the awesome ability to grip the now solid plastic katana while sheathed, the new swords indeed look a LOT better and that's probably the main goal of headrobots.

Blood as the "smiling" skull, indeed has a lot of character and a little pimping would make him even better. But alas, there's also the other face which also possesses a character of its own, it does actually look awesome in ways but I still prefer the skeleton head though.

Even with just a few pieces of plastic, Headrobots successfully converted a funny looking robot into this one devastating dark warrior that has two different aura to them depending on the setup you've used.

Additionally, the katana doesn't really place too well on 5mm hands as it's slightly loose, but it is indeed distributable to a lot of TFs out there like in my case, Noisemaze, since he looks like a samurai in some ways as well. XD

Final Thoughts:

Again, for a kit 100% intended to be for the not flawless Bludgeon of the NEST line, Blood certainly delivers a satisfying result even if you leave the skull as is. The upgrade, though just a few pieces of plastic and such certainly was a worth it buy so, if ever you're thinking of disposing your RotF Bludgeon or have completely forgotten about him, then maybe you should get this kit and see what happens.

Though not perfect by all means, I'd highly recommend this for anyone who does own a NEST Bludgeon and for my 1st 3rd party upgrade, Headrobots will definitely be something I would revisit in the future when something that catches my eye is released once again.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Price 10

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