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Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Revenge of the Fallen N.E.S.T. Global Alliance Bludgeon

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Cyber Missions
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 18cm tall (head tip)
Original Price: 20 USD

Figure Box:

I'll make this section quick since he isn't my first RotF Voyager review XD I'll just focus on his "art" which is the head image on his box, so yeah, Bludgeon's a bit weird, he definitely got the samurai-ish feel to him but his head just looks a little too wide but enough of that, I just really wanted to stress that out :p On to the figure itself then!

Figure Details:

So as you can see in the box, he's a tank, I could say that the tank mold itself IS definitely one solid tank mold but when I breakdown into actual details, it's pretty much not a perfect tank in any friggin' way. While the green color is indeed nice and the tank details just pop out nicely, there are some awkward looking parts of the tank; one of such is the sudden entry of an orange color, while I know it's to be a homage to G1 Bludgeon the orange suddenly being plugged there just doesn't make any sense, and it's a little off, not to mention having multicolored wheels (black, gray and orange wtf!?) also makes the tank look ridiculous.

Looking at the back of the tank also has this hollow spot which could've used some covering but that's just minor nitpicking since it looks fine as is. The worst worst worst feature of the tank is it's turret; the turret is completely plastic gray and the material itself is bendy, so if you bend it quite a bit since you will do so when doing osom poses in the bot mode, it just completely look ridiculous to have non-straight turrets when it's supposed to be complete metal. I mean, irl, if you see a tank with a turret that's wiggly, won't it be funny? XD But still, the major drawback is the fact that it's uncolored, it doesn't really look solid just because of the turret since that one detail stands out pretty much. So, shame that the mold was good but paint apps wasn't.

You can rotate the mini gun on top in full 360 as well as the tank turret itself and it's pretty fun to rotate actually XD

Now Bludgeon's Robot mode is the life saver of this release, it's really pretty decent overall. The Orange isn't off anymore since the bot mode does use quite a lot of orange shades on its details and the contrast of the colors work pretty well together I must say. Bludgeon features a skeletal-like arms and legs actually but since he's a skeleton samurai, he's also pretty much armor heavy and his bot mode does indeed capture a samurai appearance in one look and it's really impressive. While at his back sits the tank turret you can actually position it diagonally so it'd look like a katana sheath and it is indeed an optional sheath.

Opening up the tank kibble at the back reveals a hidden scabbard which contains his other weapon, I really prefer opening up the tank kibble so it won't actually look like a kibble XD Again overall bot mode is great. Some people might say his head looks stupid, it IS wide I for a fact but it doesn't really look that bad either if you ask me, but still is weird compared to how Mindwipe's head was done, who was also another G1 turned movie design.

While from transformation, his katana is in the Tank turret and the shorter blade is on the hidden scabbard. As a samurai bot, you can actually sheath both to the left of his waist as there are slots for these weapons and it is in these slots where you really are supposed to plug those blade in.


Despite having a large and wide head, Bludgeon neck swivel is pretty impressive to the point that the head can swivel to a 90 degree point without any hassle.

Now arm articulation wise, he is really really impressive. Excluding the wrists' side hinge, Bludgeon has a total of 5 points of articulation in each of his arms. The shoulder has a swivel but right beneath the shoulder pads, there's a sideward hinge as well; his elbows are divided into 2 hinges thus being a double joint in a way and lastly, a bicep swivel.

The leg articulation features the common TF leg joints: a hinge with a swivel for the hips, a single hinged knee and a thigh swivel. While he has some samurai pads/skirt/whatever, the joints still have a decent range of movement so kudos to that. He does have double jointed ankles with adjustable "toes" and "heels".

Bludgeon's epic arm articulation + the bendy swords does actually allow you to pose him like a true samurai which did impress me a lot. I really had fun posing around with him and he can even be some sort of master like the image above, weren't for his slightly funny head, then he'd be a one badass con since he really can do a good amount of very very decent action poses.

Final Thoughts:

The RotF Bludgeon mold was certainly impressive and I would recommend the mold itself but not Bludgeon since he's the more flawed of the two releases using this mold XD In case you want a better release of the Mold, go with HftD's Banzaitron, that's a waaaay better work than your pretender here since that has better weapons as they are painted and the color scheme, well, I like Banzaitron's color scheme. I would only really recommend Bludgeon IF you're getting the Headrobots "Blood" upgrade kit but other than that, go with Banzaitron unless you really like Bludgeon.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 8.5
Price 9

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