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Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Revenge of the Fallen N.E.S.T. Global Alliance Mindwipe -Part 1-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Cyber Missions
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 23cm tall
Original Price: 23 USD

Figure Box:

You can find similar comments to the overall box design from Recon Ironhide's review; Anyway, minor differences would be that the logo in the Transformers text is now in Decepticon logo aside from the one found beside their name. And there's also his robot head there similar to other voyagers in the NEST line, while he looks a little in the head, he's definitely more than meets the eye for a toy. But like I usually say, it's just a box.

Figure Details:

Now his alt mode is more or less an F117A-Nighthawk, a big jet that's more or less a stealth bomber, finished in a matte grey finish, he's pretty awesome and as you can see the cockpit of the plane is made up of really nice clear dark red plastic.

Similarly to Starscream, he sports some cybertronian tattoos on his wings and some of his details are colored in purple which is a pretty good blend since it does look good overall, and similarly to Skystalker, Mindwipe also has that elite guard-ish Decepticon logo with him.

Also like many of the jets from different toy lines, he has flip up landing gears below so you can "properly" display him as something on ground.

And as a bonus additional, you might have noticed two particular holes near his Decepticon log, well, apparently, that's not just for display. It has an undocumented use (though Documented in the Dreadwing repaint)

Remember that I mentioned Skystalker earlier? Well, basically if you look at his alt mode, there are two pegs beneath him and those two pegs fit perfectly onto Mindwipe's peg hole; and after that, you get a weird looking plane mounting on a plane... o.o

Now despite how bulky his Alt mode is, he transforms into a ridiculously cool and rather slim robot. Similar to Skystalker, his inner frames aren't in plastic gray but rather sports a different color which doesn't look bad at all. He has a lot of folded wings and as I said before, he does have a really great head compared to the box art head, he's pretty cool and his inside his visors, you can actually see eyes there on closer look so, it's a very cool feature. And though it maybe odd that he has some orange shades but it did work before on Galaxy Force's Noisemaze who had an even darker orange this Mindwipe's. XD

A little nitpicking is that he has this chicken like legs but yeah, you can pretty much straighten it out in case it bugs you. But yeah, personally, I have not complaints with him and overall, he's definitely a mean looking Decepticon.

And additionally, the peg holes in his vehicle are now on his shoulders, and you can peg some minicon armors there if you want XD.


His neck is powered by a ball joint and thanks to an additional hinge just below the neck joint, you get a really really decent range for his head alone.

His shoulders have an extra hinge while the shoulders itself is a swivel-hinge mix joint type, giving you an effect similar to a ball joint and also an alternate way of raising his arms thanks to the additional hinge. He's got a bicep swivel and an elbow double jointed hinge.

But there is one sad fact about his elbows, though double jointed and supposed to have the perfect bending abilities, it's very very limited due to the design of his arms, so yeah, bummer. =.=

And surprising for many Transformers, Mindwipe has the miraculous waist articulation! Which is what I usually am looking for since pretty much, it is what most TF lack to add a dynamism to their articulation.

His hips is made of the same type of joint as his shoulders, his knees have a hinge but thanks to his design it also makes a better and more flexible bend; I can't remember too well though if he had a thigh swivel or not XD

Anyway, general sense, Mindwipe has built in weapons as flippable blades which actually makes it look like he's gripping it thanks to how his hands look like. But yeah, he's pretty awesome as he is, and thanks to being a flight type bot with blades, you can do quite badass poses with him and overall, he is very very flexible AND stable.

Final Thoughts :

Now was Mindwipe worth it? Hell yes he is, he's an awesome bot overall and bots are my basis on which ones I get most of the time but yeah, the bot mode is all I need and hey, the alt mode is awesome by its own rights XD So yeah, definitely a highly recommended bot here especially if you have Skystalker (not because of the alt mode fusion but... something more!)

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Price 10

Extra: (Updated 6/8/2011 12:37 PM)

Now, as one of the wonders of Transformers toys, there are an almost infinite amounts of fan mode by owners from across the globe. And Mindwipe has one of the most solid fan combinations around and it's with none other than his little buddy in the alt mode, Skystalker! Part 2 will be all be about the said Fan mode including on how to combine them, details and articulation factors.

(Click on the image below for Part 2 review)

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