Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Revenge of the Fallen N.E.S.T. Global Alliance Mindwipe -Part 2-

Continuing from where I left off, here's a little fan awesomeness for everyone!


As mentioned in the part 1 review, this mode is pure fan combination meaning it's not official and therefore undocumented by any official instruction manuals but I just really think it's worth giving its own section since it is ridiculously solid and awesome. The combination wasn't discovered by me of course, I think it's from a Chinese forum as mentioned in the video where I followed the combination steps. Now to start with, you, of course, need another transformer (which is basically why this is part 2 since extra sections are those that need other Transformers to form the mode) and it's none other than the very same guy who can mount on Mindwipe's Jet mode, Skystalker.

Now for the preparations you don't really need to do much, and basically for Skystalker, you need to push his head backward so it would go in side the plane kibble like in his alt mode and then flip his chest (the nose of the plane) upwards (similar to how it would look like in his alt mode) but not too much that it would result in his alt mode (and the picture below is wrong sorry XD, it's bent in the pic below but it should be straight) and also you need to flip the landing gear until the wheel bar hits the nose of the plane, then rotate Skystalker's arms 180 and basically he's prepared for combination.

As for Mindwipe, you just open up his body from behind and push his head to the extents that he can do for looking up in his regular bot mode, once opened up and there's a fine gap already, he's ready as well.

Now through the hole in Mindwipe's chest, insert Skystalker's plane nose there and with a little use of force, push Skystalker in so that his arms would be inside of the gap between the body and the adjusted part from Mindwipe.

And once Skystalker's nicely fit (meaning he can't be shaken off by any means except for force pulling him out there), flip up Mindwipe's bent plane wings from his bot mode, adjust Skystalker's arms so that the big plane wing kibbles would sit next to Mindwipe's chest while Skystalker's actual arms are to be made so that the 808 number is visible and would in turn add as another armor part and with that, the Fan combination mode is complete!

Figure Details:

You can treat the fan combination as some kind of Mindwipe in full armor mode, and as I said before you should flip the bent plane wings so that it would actually look menacing overall and the blend would be better, also, an optional thing for Skystalker is his c-joint weapons, you can attach them to his clip bars on his hands to add more armor-ish goodness while Skystalker's legs can depend on what you want to do with it since it doesn't really clip anywhere, so yeah, as for me, it's a booster pack of sorts XD But yeah, overall, the only change for Mindwipe is the upper half of his body and nothing more.


Now for articulation, I won't discuss much as he's basically still Mindwipe with additional limitations; since you push Mindwipe's head to the extent of how he can look up, basically, the only choice you really have now would be for him to look down and to his sides. Additionally though not really hindered that much, moving his shoulder swivels would cause the Skystalker armor to get out of place but yeah a little adjusting every now and then would do the trick.

Overall, he still has whatever it is that made Mindwipe fun and thanks to his new armor of awesomeness, he looks even more amazing than how he is already when just the regular bot mode.


Well, certainly a booster factor for people to get Mindwipe and Skystalker but yeah, only optional as each of the two are great in their own rights, but certainly, I highly doubt that this won't be a factor to get them and do note that this can be applied to any RotF Mindwipe and Skystalker molds so you can mix and match or go color coded (Dreadwing and Smokescreen or Strafe and Sunspot but Strafe is an autobot while Sunspot is a Decepticon XD) And certainly, your blogger never dismantled this mode upon first combination and is displayed as such in the display cabinet XD

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