Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Merry Christmas To All of You!

Santa lolis? How I wish they really exist!

I was out the house almost the entire day so here's a late greeting XD

I would say Xmas isn't so alive this year in our country for some reason, it's like a normal day and top it off since we can't put xmas decors due to tradition because as you might (or not) remember, my Dad died a few months ago. But hey, Xmas is still Xmas, a time of lovin and all XD So, to my fellow collectors, readers, friends and whatnot, a merry merry Xmas to all of you! I sure went pig mode today lololol! So, yeah, that's it for the greeting but... as the song says, there are 12 days of Xmas, so, let's enjoy it shall we and 2011 is soon ending as well. Whether the 2012 prophecy is true or not, let's just enjoy life as we know it and I sure am thanks to a certain Homerun-chan XP

Anyway, I guess I'll punch these in for my last Xmas wave and the actual Xmas gifts since they aren't orders, one of them is a gift from my sis (wooooot) while two others are bought by me since they're on ridiculous clearance. So yeah, that's it and a Merry Xmas again! XDDD

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