Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: [Kaiyodo] Sci-fi Revoltech no. 30 Optimus Prime

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Origin Series: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 3,800 Yen

Figure Box:

Remember my first sci-fi review? Well, yeah, the box size remains the same and it is pretty impressive how they manage to maintain the box dimensions for most of their releases. Anyway, going to the cover, while my previous reviews have a very cool box pose, I can't help but say that Optimus here has a rather non-impressive pose for his cover BUT like what subtext accompanies the Transformers for the beings they are, this certain Optimus Prime is more than meets the eye.

Figure Details:

Before I start with anything else, I'll immediately state that one of Sci-fi Optimus' crowning factors is the paint apps, and it's always the paint apps that I usually like in Revos and their mechas; what's even more surprising is that despite the ridiculous amounts of detail Optimus has (the flames and all), his finish is magnificently clean and spot on!

The details are intricately placed in everywhere you look at Prime and the revolver joints even hides perfectly on his entire build. I have to say that this is probably the best small scale movie Prime I've seen so far; I would nitpick on his eyes though, since they look weird at times because of the blue dot effect (especially on frontal inspection) but in this shoot, it is nothing but magnificent.

As for the height, well, he does fall short by a bit when standing next to a deluxe class of himself from the DotM toyline.


Optimus has a ridiculous amount of firearms, 5 different kinds actually with only 1 being the more movie accurate gun; he also comes with a pair of gripping hands and a pair of open hands. One of the biggest flaws of this pack is that he comes only with one blade, and as we all know and love this bloodlust Prime, he should've came with two. Lastly, he comes with the usual box case that comes with most revos and the nameplate that comes with all the sci-fi releases.

Prime's guns can be plugged in different parts of his body and you can obviously see it (examples on images below), there's also a hidden port on his arms where you'll need to remove the tab and shift its place.

I'd like to make use of some guns as smokestacks on his back lol but additionally, you have a lot of port holes on his guns which will allow you to create some sort of "there's no tomorrow" gun for your prime.

His blade uses a different revolver joint as it is smaller, you opt to attach it to his hidden port yet again as there is a smaller port there as well as on the back of his arm. Lastly, the hand itself can be replaced directlt by the blade as it uses the same type of revolver joint.


Prime is very well articulated as he has them revolver joints in a lot of parts in his body, and most of these are almost unhindered by Prime's limbs and whatnot providing Prime with a vast array of range for his posability. You can view the images below for articulation tests but two of the most noticeable points of articulation for him would be the transformed side windows on his chest and his toe joint which gives him a very very powerful ability to do a lot of dynamic poses as well as kneeling poses.

Probably the complaint I have for Prime's articulation is that his structure is pretty wobbly overall and sometimes this makes posing him a bit tricky; additionally, the piece I reviewed had loose hip joints which hinders me from doing high kicks for Prime which was advertised on his official shots, but I guess it's not a general case for the said figure.

Prime is definitely one of the most bad ass revoltechs I've encountered to date, he's very very posable and the better part? He can support dynamic poses by himself alone thanks to his toe joints which does magical feats, the guns also look cool given you don't turn them into the no tomorrow gun, lol.

As an additional feature for this review, I took 2 shots of him together with his G1 incarnate (also in revoltech rendition).

Lastly, as part of this special review (because I do not own this figure), the person owning this happens to have two pieces of Prime and so, I've done some shots featuring Prime having two blades equipped.

It's definitely a good setup and it really pains that you can only access this setup by owning two pieces of the said Revoltech.

Final Thoughts:

Optimus is definitely a highly recommended figure no doubt (and I will get one once I get extra cash to dish out). But the fact that he costs 3,800 yen at srp might not fulfill the worth accessory-wise since IMO, it's better if he had two swords instead of those extra ridiculous looking guns but aside from the accessory packing flaw, he's close to a perfect Prime figure for me. So yeah, it still depends on personal taste but yeah, if you do get one, I highly suggest getting an extra if you have cash to spare for the twin blade setup. So yeah, that's it for Prime's review and many many thanks to my sister, ShadowBladez, for making this review possible!

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Price 9

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