Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review: [Phat Company] Yakumo Yukari

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Phat! Company
Origin Series: Touhou Project
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 20cm tall
Original Price: 7,800 Yen

Figure Box:

Yukari's box is designed in a very plain manner but still ain't plain enough to be considered boring. I'm actually delighted that the box itself is very thrifty in space as it's just right for Yukari's mass; the box itself is white covered in purplish hues along with Yukari's name in the bottom right of the front window. To give a rough estimation of the size of this wide figure's box, here's a shot with figma Reimu right beside it. ^^

And as a really good way of giving accuracy of sorts, the back of the box contains the actual art where the figure was based on and without further delay, here it is~

Figure Details:

Yukari, as my very first scaled Touhou figure, managed to give me a heavy and positive impression as her details are definitely solid.

I loved the choices of paint for her especially her violet dress which in real life gives off such a magnificent color, it feels too real and actually gives that realistic feel thanks to how hard YOSHI sculpted the details on her overall dress; the inner details of her skirt proves a much more praise worthy amounts of detail as the shades definitely gives that cloth feel.

Yukari is, of course, not without flaw BUT it's a minor nitpick on my part actually, since I seriously think her hair could've used much more detail like making some strands thinner rather than a mass bulk of plastic but hey, she doesn't look bad at all, just really nitpicking at from me. XD

Her base, as a literal base is plain and boring IMO since it's just round and clear purple BUT the base is more of just a place holder as what I actually consider the "base" would be the gap she's sitting on. And to make it look more like she's really sitting on a floating gap, they actually used a clear stand arm to hold it and it actually looks really sturdy (but who knows over time what will happen XD)

While creative the base might be, Yukari's main flaw overall actually lies in here, as the eyes on the gap somewhat degraded in quality from how they were back in the prototype shots, the eyes right now look like some mild red paint were randomly spilled over it as opposed to the previous' nerve-filled eye.


Now, appeal is one of Yukari's good points, I seriously think YOSHI did a pretty good job on translating Yukari's face from the art to the now 3-Dimensional figure as the face looks more mature and more fitting for someone such as Yukari.

While her best angle obviously lies on where she's looking at, she actually looks good in a number of different angles; definitely a figure which I enjoyed shooting and one that I can consider as a very photogenic figure. :D

Additionally, Phat! gave us an option of removing her hat, which doesn't make much difference but still is a very welcomed addition and hatless she might be, she still looks gorgeous and I can pledge on that!

Final Thoughts:

My first Touhou scaled, definitely a worthy and satisfying one. And for someone who's not really a big name in the figure market, Phat! definitely was impressive here and I sure can't wait when Ran and Chen arrives here. I highly recommend getting this for Touhou fans and for me, she's the best Yukari scaled figure out there to date, so she's definitely worth the money! For local readers who want to actually take a glimpse of this gorgeous figure, I'll be displaying her for Team Onii-chan's biggest and final display event of the year, so do drop by! :D

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 9.5
Price 10

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