Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

I know I'm 1 day late to greeting here in our country but still...

A Happy New Year to all you readers out there~

Well, first thing's first, a little recap of 2011; for starters, the blog certain had reached its peak so far during the recently ended year of 2011 as it was the most active year especially in between March to October since the figure reviews kept on coming and coming as well as certain news and even some reports from some of Team Onii-chan's figure displays.

While the posting had significantly reduced back in the latter half of October to December due to my Dad's unfortunate passing and thanks to an MMORPG called Dragon Nest, rest assured that the blog will still go on as the love for figures definitely won't die and those news, reviews and time to time update on the Eternal Song will keep on coming for this brand new year!

As I've already introduced last month, as another part of my reviews, I'll be featuring special reviews (revoltech Optimus Prime being the first) which would be reviews of figures that I do not own, these figures are borrowed from friends and family members and have gone through my own photoshoot session and then reviewed by yours truly. As I'll also be busy with work, dragon nest, some rare admin roles at Team Onii-chan and the usual displays, I'll make to a point that I post at least 2 reviews a month XD And also, I'm thinking of changing my usual review sections (although it still will be text heavy) so more points will tackled accordingly and I might also eliminate the scoring since... well, if you noticed I always give high scores for my reviews so it's pretty useless I guess XD

I'll also be changing the visuals soon and hopefully the layout as well for more friendly reading and more actual space for the entries since I do think that the post space is rather small considering I've been using the normal size text recently. But anyway, I'll be ending my post here and more 2011 recaps (Team Onii-chan's biggest display yet, hauls and whatnot) will come along after this post so stay tuned and once again, a Happy New Year to all of you!

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