Sunday, January 29, 2012

January Hauls: Miku and The Transformers

Last wave of hauls for January!

And this sums up my hauls from today til 2 weeks ago.

So yeah, first of the 4 is actually Jazz, from two weeks ago, lol. With the help of my friend, I was able to win United Jazz for a very cheap price despite the fact that he used to be rare and still quite expensive right now. I've tried the RTS version but UN really wins it for me for some reason, maybe the whiteness of it and the non existent rubsign which I don't really dig.

Next is my hauls from last week, figma Racing Miku finally arrived and yessss she also marks as my 36th Miku in the collection. >:) I'm actually surprised that her price right now is batsh*t expensive and luckily I got mine for quite a friendly price. :) Also, Maketoy's Battle Tanker upgrade also arrived last week so I got it and I immediately assembled it to get rid of derpy ol' Laser Prime.

And from today's Lazer Tag session with JPToysPH, I grabbed up Cyclonus from the 3-pack since I've always wanted it and not rodimus and galvatron since I have other targets for their molds. I got it loose for 600php which is a pretty neat price and the joints are also tight. :D

Anyway, here ends my current haul post!

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