Monday, January 9, 2012

The Newest Magical Girl Team Enters with a Smile

We'll be missing Suite that's for sure.

A new team of 5 PreCures are coming to give us another year of dbz-like fightscenes and kid oriented values! XD

With 3 more episodes left, another cure series comes to an end. While Suite has been a good series, it certainly wasn't as addicting as Heartcatch or Futari wa for me XD But still a pretty good series (and not to mention a double colored Cure who's also the youngest one so far). I haven't been catching up with Suite for around 6 episodes now I think but yeah, I'll get back to that soon enough. XD

While Melody, Rhythm, Beat and Muse are saying goodbye, like our favorite Rider and Sentai series, the PreCure series already has a new one incoming entitled "Smile Precure". While not much info is known yet, wiki says the theme will be fairy tales; Smile Precure will be another 5 team Precure which was last seen in the Yes Precure series. The team will be composed of Cure Happy, Cure Sunny, Cure Peace, Cure March and Cure Beauty whose colors would be Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue respectively.

I did seem to notice that the art style is very similar to that of Heartcatch and yesssss, they're back to looking like lolis (which I like since I like cute characters more XD) since IMO Suite had quite mature designs for Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen. XD Anyway, here's the teaser commercial of the newest magical girls that'll get stuck in my mind starting on February 5!

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