Saturday, March 24, 2012

Murakami's Log #2: A Ranting Story

One of the main point this time is the screenshot you see above XD

And do note that majority of this log will be rants but still, some raves included 8'D

So first thing's first, you guys probably noticed the photocontest I've been posting on my facebook fanpage. Well, some really ridiculous thoughts about it, well, one, I can't join it mostly because I'm an admin of Team Onii-chan, which is kinda annoying since we're just an outlet of entries to begin with, we don't really do anything other than post the entries on our fanpage. Well, next is that the contest itself is a share-based contest, meaning you just need to spam shares and you win, killing the idea of it being a Photoshoot contest since there are definitely some really good entries there which lacks shares. It's now more of a Share it contest rather than an actual photoshoot contest.T-T

Photo entry by Arvin Trinidad
The contest is sponsored by GreatToys btw! ^^

Moving on to the next rant matter, earlier this week, the 150th Mark patch was implemented in the Game that stole all my time on reviewing figures and even shooting them, Dragon Nest SEA. This patch definitely made some changes and not minor ones to put at that; they tweaked my sweetspot class, the Bow Master, fairly well and also included some additional useful changes. BUT the thing is, along with this patch came this so called Hybrid FTG system; the FTG is replenished everyday and once it reaches 0, you cannot enter dungeons with FTG anymore; and basically once you reach the max level of 40 (currently), your FTG consumption escalates to a point that running 3 dungeons will definitely deplete your daily 700 FTG to 0; not to mention that if you get disconnected anytime inside a dungeon, your consumed FTG will NOT return. It is actually quite retarded that as an MMORPG, you limit your players from farming, a very well known method in MMOs for acquiring in game currency; additionally, this ruined the server's economy and knowing that you SHOULD in fact gear up fully at max level is kinda making it more retarded since you can't even earn gold properly when you are at max level. They suggested a different way of farming but they don't seem to be thinking of the players that well since they don't realize that a number of players want to play solo and that their method actually doesn't allow you to farm gears that you like but rather farm at places which your partymate wants and definitely not the place you want. They also provided this event of trying to make up for the impact of FTG, and so, today they set a 2x exp and drop rate event earlier at 2pm-4pm BUT the thing is, before the clock even struck 2pm, I got disconnected and well, the rest that followed is a sequence of failed login attempts and near the end of the 2x event, I was actually able to login easily BUT SH*T, the server I'm playing at, Westwood, suddenly vanished... Making the whole 2 hours a waste of freaking time and event. So, yeah, nice going Cherry Credits, it's like they're killing the game IMO. Wew~

Enough of the rants and on with the raves~ (YAY!)

Anyway, this week also marks the monthly release of figure magazines in Japan which pretty much gives us a preview of things to come. Courtesy of a scan from Hobby Japan which I got from cybergundam, it seems the SIC line is finally moving on with OOO and boy, does it look delicious, the imaginative factor is definitely back and OOO TaToBa looks completely different from the actual OOO, something I haven't seen since Kamen Rider Blade.

Additionally, here are some hauls from last weekend, apparently, my first freedom weekend was spent going out with friends and picking up hauls; I finally got my Love is War DX version and it is freakin huge, I included figma Yu in the pic to give people an idea on the size of the box. I also got my last target from the First Edition bunch, as well as a lucky find of the scout class, Hubcap, from the HFTD line.

The next day, Team Onii-chan had another lazer tag EB and I managed to snag figma Nadeko home as well as my overdued on hold Max Factory Seena Swimsuit. <3 I just loved Seena but I actually got her finally because I sold my MegaHouse Sora Kasugano (which I'm replacing with the Alter version)

Anyway, that's it for this log~ And it seems Westwood is finally back, so I'll play for a while and later on finally shoot Battle tanker 8D As my camera battery had just finished charging up a few minutes ago.

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