Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: Figma Insane Black Rock Shooter

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Figure Number: SP-41
Origin Series: Black ? Rock Shooter
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 15cm tall
Original Price: 25,200 Yen (DVD Box)

Set Contents:

Okay, since Insane Black Rock Shooter here is a bundle, I'll start with a quick breakdown of the set package; but first, the main package!The whole set is packed in such a thrifty box, it's a bit taller than your regular figma but depth-wise, it is pretty thick. The box has some very decent artworks from huke in it's sides and at the back; the front contains a clear window that lets you view IBRS along with the 6 characters' symbols.  

A cute detail of the box above is when you open it, you can see the cover of "Kotori Asobi"; you know that book that got Mato chatting with Yomi XD

Now the set comes in the form of a figma, a dvd case holder and a thin artbook/info about the OVA; the case holder's artworks are the same as that of the Box content while the artbook has some nice bonus arts about the humans of the series as its front and back cover.

Now the case holders actually contains 2 DVDs and an OST, the DVD are divided into 4 episodes each and the DVD cases has BRS and DM as the front and back cover in vol 1 and BGS and STR in vol 2. Now the OST has this cute cover wherein Yomi is singing out aloud in her room while the other humans eavesdrop on her. XDD

The "artbook" isn't exactly and artbook since it also contains some information aside from line arts and whatnot. Again, the cover for the back and front does contain some interesting artworks on the humans. XD

Now IBRS's box is pretty much the same as the other BRS boxes in terms of width, it's just a bit thicker than the usual elongated figma box; it's actually amazing on how they broke down the Insane Cannon Lance into 2 parts to save box space. And yeah, the box design is pretty much the same as the other BRS figma boxes. But enough of the set contents, time for the main review!


As I've mentioned time and again at my Facebook Fan Page. I've failed to take detail shots but yeah, I'd probably update this once I get the motivation to do another figure, you'll probably know why I don't shoot that much nowadays once you see my room but that's for another time.

IBRS is as detailed as you can get, every bit of detail I didn't even know about is right there such as the small checkered box, 3 small stars and others such as the spiky features of her outfit all stand out. There are quite a few rubbery parts on her and though some might think it's cheap, it actually helps in not limiting the articulation points later on...

Now the biggest steal for this figma for me would be the paint on her armor parts, the weathering effect is achieved with such greatness, the rust and rough texture really makes it a wonder and also a big factor in helping to justify her insane price. 

Of course, you can't be spared from a little sloppy paint work since this is pretty much common with many figmas especially the BRS figmas when it comes to lines of black and white, you'd always see some bad paint app on some of them but at the very least, the cross on her "cap" is pretty well made!

Articulation Points:

Like your typical BRS figmas, the placement of joints are all the same but of course, even if the placement of joints in figmas are mostly the same, there's always a limit to them depending on the design of the character but believe me, IBRS might not look like it but she is decently articulated.

The figma joint at the neck does move pretty well since the collar has enough allowance to let her head tilt freely instead of limiting it with something similar to what happened with WRS. IBRS can completely look down but only a little upwards like most figmas do because of their hunchback-like neck joints but still a pretty good motion overall.

Like BRS or WRS or BRS2035 (which I still haven't reviewed XD) or BRSB (which I also haven't reviewed yet XD) she does posses figma joints in her hair as well, this allows you to make much much more dynamic poses since you can swivel them around, raise or lower them via the hinge in the figma joint and what not, this also helps in preventing any limited movement for the neck due to her hair.

Now for the arm joints, while you might think at first hand that the shoulders might be limited, think again, remember the rubbery parts I mentioned at the details section? Well, here's where the magic works, apparently her shoulder pads on the right isn't rock hard plastic, it soft rubbery plastic and the best thing about it is that it's adjustable thus, removing any form of sideways arm raise restriction and despite the armor she wears, her elbow does bend very very well that it's pretty amazing whenever I see it.

The torso remains to have a limited bending ability but still better than nothing since you can swivel her body around it as well.

Now for her legs, the ball joints on her hips works their magic but due to design it doesn't go forward as much as how BRS OVA can with her legs. A split of legs makes it a decent spread making it a pretty realistic spread. The knees also bend pretty well much like how it is with her elbows despite the amount of armor she's in. And of course, like other characters in shorts, she has a well hidden thigh swivel.


Now as IBRS, she can't possibly be complete without her two main weapons the Insane Cannon Lance and the Insane Blade Claw; and there will be no Black Rock Shooter without the trademark flaming eye; though to my disappointment, IBRS's flame eye is just a clip on part instead of having a separate hairpiece like the previous characters; while this does allow a more "poseable" flame, it also can be a means of losing it easily especially when the flame loosens over time. 

Now she has a handful of extra hands as well as the standard non-hinged hands used for holding the insanely huge cannon of hers. She does have a only 1 extra faceplate; a serious face but IMO this wins it and nails it as it captures IBRS's expression pretty well and it does work well with almost any pose you can do since the default face looks weird IMO. XD

Lastly, she comes with 2 stands but unlike before the stands are of different lengths as the shorter end is meant to hold up the Cannon; and unlike before, you'll be pegging the stand's peg directly into a peg hole in the cannon instead of used some clamp.

Now she does come with a cover for di:stage as well in the form of 3 stars instead of the cracked star which was supposed to be her logo anyway. XD Dunno why they went with 3 stars.


Posing around IBRS was exceptionally fun especially with her serious face; the Blade claw does help in creating easier dynamic poses but of course no one can stop you from taking on extremely dynamic poses using both weapons. It's pretty amazing that she can hold up the cannon with no sweat too. XD

The Cannon Lance is supposed to be pegged on her back using the chains but you can always opt not to and if in case the case the chains get in the way, you can semi alter it in which way they're supposed to be passing through.

IBRS simply isn't misplaced when played with the OVA incarnations of the other characters and thus, allowing her a very good interaction with the OVA characters; most especially Strength.

Final Thoughts:

Again, if you have read my quicky at Team Oniichan's blog about Insane Black Rock Shooter, she is, though not perfect, a pretty good figma to have, the details are super nice, and the articulation is really decent. It's just no matter how great a figma she is, her price point is far too great for her worth; so if you happen to spot one on cheaps then by all means, GET HER! But yeah, price is not justifiable that much and my dearest gf, homerunchan, actually has some kind of grudge on this figma for being THAT expensive. But still, in the end my opinions matter not, if you like it get it but I do hope you can get it at a fair price too. XD

I do give this insanely good figma a score of 4.5 out of 5 
(as a figure of course! Disregarding the price XD)

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